Misdirected Logic

Drago 395

The stronger side of my Euros 2018 showing, Adam pulled a surprising solid 7-1. I completely u-turned on my Deuces Wild shenanigans build after a poor showing at the Bristol May GNK and a stern telling off for straying from sense by @Algebraic. @Algebraic kindly pinged me his far more sensible reg-crim-esque build which is fundamentally what we have here.

The only change I made was dropping No One Home and a Career Fair in favour of Misdirection and Dean Lister. On any given day I suspect either No One Home or Misdirection will be entirely right or entirely wrong, but I fancied search-ability and ongoing tag removal. Misdirection was relevant in precisely 1 game but was crucial when I needed it, allowing me to be more aggressive. Dean Lister was of course solid.

Matchups as far as I recall:

4-0 Titan; the combination of Employee Strike, Aumakua and central pressure could force scores that didn't advance the corp win plan and Find the Truth eventually finds it.

2-0 CTM; not going to lie, was horrendously lucky in taking one, if not both of these. Turn off Neutralize All Threats on archives and Find the Truth for the agendas. IP Block is horrible for Logic Bomb. I lost Find the Truth to tags in both games.

1-1 Skorp; much the same as the Titan matchup but you aren't recurring so Employee Strike drops down the priorities. Lean heavily on Aumakua to reduce the removal danger. Both games to the wire and can just come down to Find the Truth showing good (not Standoff) agendas.

TLDR: bypassing ice and seeing many cards against rush is good. Getting tagged bad.

5 Jun 2018 negaDan

Which 3 directives did you typically install to start?

5 Jun 2018 Drago

@dj88c always Find the Truth, Neutralize All Threats and Safety First. I think the general opinion remains that Always Be Running is too dangerous with Hard-Hitting News rampant, and Logic Bomb is a solid answer to rush.