One Thousand Bullets (4-0 Local Tournament, Leiden)

DrunkAlex 328

K, first off: This deck is practically a copy of Argus Meat Market. All the kudos for him in making such a fun deck to play with. I'm publishing this to share my tournament experience. I myself am working on a Gagarin deck, but was then still untested. So I decided to netdeck.

I changed Chronos Project for False Lead and exchanged an Ice Wall and Fire Wall for Hive against Quetzal decks (they tend to float around in my meta).

This deck went undefeated with all flatlines. Came in 3rd place because my CT Sage Deck is still in the works and didn't manage to go undefeated.

Game 1 (MaxX)

First game of the day. I was hungover like hell, but still wanted to make the best of it. Went against one of my regular gaming buddies and his MaxX deck. Great time to see who is the real winner of Order and Chaos!

Opening hand consisted of: 2x Hostile Takeover, Fire Wall, Enigma and Hedge Fund. Iced up centrals and proceeded in scoring both Hostiles ASAP. This set me up money wise for the long haul. In the mean time he already scored 3 agenda's and took all tags, but didn't have the money to ditch them all (His Account Siphon also helped a lot). Biggest mistake you can make against Argus. By turn 5/6 I drew into my 2nd Scorged and blew his house up.

Game 2 (Noise)

Went against my other gaming buddy! He is pretty new to the game, but is picking it up wonderfully. My opening hand: Project Atlas, Archer, Hostile Takeover, Enigma, Ice Wall. 1st turn draw a Hedge Fund, I was in perfect opening heaven. Once again proceeded with central ice up, hedge fund and 2nd turn scored my Hostile Takeover. By his 2nd turn he set up his Darwin with incubator. AKA time bomb. Threw my Atlas behind an archer. He managed to get his Darwin up to Strength 5 and ran the server. Rezzed the Archer and killed off his incubator and Darwin. Scored Project Atlas with 3 counters on it. After that it was practically game over. He scored a Posted Bounty and took a tag, but didn't have the money to ditch it. After that proceeded with using Atlas to take out my Scorched Earth and blew his house up.

Game 3 (Exile)

This was by the most intense game and can remember the least about it. I managed to to score 2 Hostile Takeover and an Project Atlas really fast, but after that was constantly on my back feet. Scavenging Femms and Cyber-Cyphers on the servers he needed. I was constantly trashing ice to reset his counters or get out the code gates. He began scoring one pointers left and right, but he couldn't afford the meat damage so took tags which he didn't ditch. Dedicated Response Team provided great work in killing his Plascrete. It came down to 4-6 for him and a 4 counter Medium run. I had 1 Scorched in hand and 3 credits. He ran, saw nothing, DRT brought his hand down to 1 card and I once again flatlined somebody.

Game 4 (Nasir)

This game was over pretty fast. Opening hand: Hostile Takeover, 2x Dedicated Response Team, Enigma, Data Raven. Turn 1: Ice, Ice, credit. Turn 2: Score Hostile Takeover, Turn 3: Play 2x DRT and a naked False Lead. He scored the False Lead, took meat damage. Turn 4/5: he ran r&d, I rezzed 2xDRT, he accessed a Snare!. Snare! brought him down to 2 cards and DRT killed him off.

All in all this is a great deck to play with! 10/10 will play again. 12/10 with rice.

9 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

Hell yeah

10 Mar 2015 ttsgosadow

Hi there, your opponent from game #3 here! Indeed an intense game. This deck can be so taxing. AFAIK there was no DRT involved in our game, but it was a combination of taking too much risk and having used up Plascrete on agenda steals so I didnt have it anymore by the time I actually needed it.

Nice deck; and well played despite te hangover ;) Loved playing against you. Never knew Argus could hurt this much :)

10 Mar 2015 DrunkAlex

Haha, nice! You could be right, but I would almost swear I installed a DRT next to the PAD campaign. Doesn't really matter though, small details. I think I'm going to make further changes to this deck and roll with it. Better start going to tournaments so you can get a rematch ;).