Stealth Replicator Hayley v1.1

Fargrim 32

Version 1.2 is out. See it here!

This is the second iteration of my Hayley Replicator Stealth deck. After some plays and feedback from fellow players, I have made the following changes:

Reasons behind the changes:

  • Tyson Observatory is pretty necessary because I found myself dying for Replicator in my opening hand but it just wasn't reliable. Tyson not only helps with that, but can also tutor up the first card of any other piece of hardware should it be buried.

  • I added a 3rd copy of Diesel and Self-modifying Code because I was having trouble finding my breakers early enough.

  • I ditched The Maker's Eye in favor of Demolition Run since I can easily tutor out the R&D Interfaces and Demo run can be more disruptive. That required me to drop the Déjà Vu which I sort of replaced with one Levy AR Lab Access.

  • Feedback Filter goes in because it is tutorable and essentially cripples the occasional net damage Jinteki deck.

  • Dinosaurus goes in because I had an extra slot, I can tutor it, and it can either boost Battering Ram if barriers are an issue or Dagger to put it in Archer range for 1 credit.

  • Clot goes in because why not? I had the extra 2 influence, can tutor it, and it might just give me the time to set up on faster decks.

  • Escher remains because players tend to leave HQ lightly defended because I am a Shaper and I have the RDIs. This allows me to sneak an Escher in, setting up the ICE on R&D to my liking, and/or softening up a scoring remote.

I am least excited about removing the 2 Clone Chips because it feels wrong playing Shaper without them, but I didn't find them too useful. I have a feeling that I will regret it, but we shall see. If you can't go without them, I'd recommend dropping the Dinosaurus, Levy AR Lab Access, and/or Feedback Filter.

The goal of the deck is to get a Tyson Observatory or a Replicator in your opening hand or hopefully some Diesels to find them. Once you get either one, you can begin replicating and tutoring all of your hardware, thinning your deck, making the programs easier to find.