Quagsires at work - 4th @ aprils AMT

aksu 142

Wohoo finally I can mark my decklist as one that placed high in a tournament.

Me and the boys working on the decklist(my actual outfit alt art):

Me and the boys working on this list

I also recorded myself going trough and analyzing the games on both sides. Here is the link for the outfit side of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9FZjchKPoQ

I have been playing and testing out bit of diffrent variations almost from the start of me getting into standard. It feels really nice with finally cracking the cut in a larger event. In baltic and finnish nationals I got 5th, last AMT i was one 241 away and on metropole grids startup GNK I got sixth. Even with getting out of the top cut early I am really happy with my results.

I think this is kind of a defaultish outfit. Largest points I have found out are:

  • running one SDS instead of G.F.I. After watching metropole grids sick video about agenda suites I realized that both SDS and GFI have almost the same results on number off accesses. So I changed GFI out to get more influence to create other threats that could flatline the runner or keep them at bay while I build remotes / score out. Also SDS is good against criminals who do not have many extra programs to trash.

  • Running 3x snare!. I came to this decision after floundering with versions with ark lockdown (good against shaper notably the old world tree wu deck) or funhouse( not taxing enough and mausolus ends up doing much of its work). Snare forces the runner to slow up a bit or get flatlined or draw up+ clear tags. Hitting a snare could also make boom lethal against tagme decks with one two punch of sting! boom.

  • I also think my ice sweet was bit lacking. Many games I was desperately drawing for any ice to put into the remote. Future versions might include more stuff like hortum.

Super happy with the list and my results. Thanks everyone for setting up+ participating in the AMT. It is super nice to get consistent tournaments to play this super sick game.

Bonus tanks for AxWill, Iceprisma and Jinsei for talking up / playing outfit. That is one of the large reasons I have been sticking to playing outfit in tournaments. Even when sometimes you draw rocks.

4 May 2023 HaverOfFun

Big fan of the list and the video going through your games was mega helpful for learning your thinking behind plays and things like hands to keep for particular matchups! I am curious about where you feel that more ice might fit into the deck. I was thinking that it might play a kinda similar to role to Economic Warfare in slowing the runner down to slot it in there but I guess it loses the ability to go Econ Warfare into HHN and sometimes guarantee tags left over. Thanks again for the writeup and congrats on your result!