Smokin' Hot - 1st Place Wrexham & Chester SC's

BeNNyBiLL 667

This is the deck I piloted this weekend to secure back to back victories in both the 13-player 4th Planet Games SC in Wrexham and the 14-player Tabletop Game Shop SC in Chester.

This is the modified list for Chester. Wrexham had +1 Career Fair, +1 Clone Chip, -1 Rumor Mill, -1 SMC.

Over the course, the deck won 9 of its 10 games. Losing only to a fast advance ETF.

I designed this deck purely with click compression and consistency in mind. 25 of the 40 cards in this deck provide some for of economy and/or card draw, substituting many of the silver-bullets you could add for cold hard money. Starting hands are really consistent and almost always contain econ.

Desperado may seem like a wild splash here, but it combines so well with the "on successful run" triggers that this list is littered with.

The in-faction breaker suite is solid and I personally think its wasteful spending inf on. And we can mitigate the bad-side of Blackstone using Datasucker. Just let it be known that Refractor is far superior to Houdini in that you can pump refractor for profit on Net Mercur every time you run converting into hard stealth $$$!

A special mention to Equivocation, that was turning heads on the day. It's a cheaper RDI that gets around the problem of being able to dig deeper on repeat runs. It also allowed me to dodge a QPM from the top of R&D while I was tagged during one game. It could potentially dodge other nasty cards like Snare too! Let's just say this card earns its slot.

The rest of the list is pretty obvious stuff. Lets just break the myth that you "need" many Cloak's and Ghost Runner's to run stealth. All you really need is Net Mercur. Hence there are 3 of them.

In regards to Clot, I disregarded it because it doesn't suit the tempo of the deck. That and I made a meta call (which turned out to bee the wrong call with all the fast advancy HB). It didn't suffer too badly from missing it though.

23 Jan 2017 shanodin

I love Desperado shaper. Gold star for you.

24 Jan 2017 Grimwalker

NACH without Film Critic to keep it on the table?

24 Jan 2017 BeNNyBiLL

@Grimwalker the film critic is over teching imo. I wanted to keep the tech slim. This deck should aim to be richer than the corp at all times to avoid trace based tags, and if you fear the 24/7 News Cycle + Breaking News combo then try to get points on the table before they have 2 agendas scored before installing NACH no1. Then aim to get multiple agendas in one turn before installing NACH no2. This strategy worked twice over the weekend against that style of deck. The fewer silver bullets you have, the more consistent your econ will be.

24 Jan 2017 BeNNyBiLL

You have good taste miss @shanodin!

25 Jan 2017 dawspawn

It seems like Desperado would also be really good with Salsette Slums. Maybe cut the Rumor Mill for it?

26 Jan 2017 BeNNyBiLL

@dawspawn I have serveral reservations about Salsette Slums. As a singleton, you have no guarantee you will see it early and its not as effective come mid to late game when those reoccurring assets have already stung you. Personally I think the econ is strong enough to just keep trashing asset heavy decks so I would either stick to Rumor Mill or swap to Clot. But adapt to your meta. If there are a lot of horizontal players near you I would advise going double Scrubber over Salsette Slums. That way even if they are recurring assets over and over, you are still making a profit when you go trash them.