Fastest Bank in the West

Evilpyro24 136

A fairly standard Titan build that goes all in on the Fast Advance. With Val being the runner to beat right now, I figured that bringing my favourite bank to a Store Champ would be moderately successful (3-2 on the day).

Corporate Sales Team should probably be New Construction instead, for the Reconstruction Contract FA play. Less Turtle than I expected meant that IP Block was probably not a great idea. Reverse Infection got me a win by providing two credits, but was otherwise a silly tech card. Best Defense was my favourite include to kill Find the Truth. 10/10, would include a second copy to hit the RNG key as well.

Games were over fairly quickly. Suffered karmic justice in round 4, where I had enough fast advance tools in hand to score a GFI for the game, but could not find a single one. This, I assume, was my punishment for extremely rudely winning on turn 5 in my previous match against @rotage.

All in all, had a great time at my first SC in about 18 months! Thanks to all my opponents for some of the most fun I've had playing Netrunner recently.

15 Apr 2018 Dazzler

I did not see a best defense on the list. Which card was replaced for it ?

15 Apr 2018 Evilpyro24

Ah, good catch! Must have missed that when I was looking over the deck list. A quick check of the physical deck says that I dropped an IPO for it.