Grapefruit Moon - The Anti-meta Cannon

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Grapefruit Moon - The Anti-meta Cannon

After awhile of playing Trick-of-Light-NEH deck I have come to realize that feeding the Runner some tags is just a matter of time and persistence. If the Corp want some tags, there will be tags. Because playing around tags is little bit like playing around net damage (against PE). You can play it safe and win, but it won't go down without getting a hit or two in your digital face. When playing against tag focused NBN (Making News mostly) the Runner can save a lot of credits, never run on last (or even second last) click or do some other tricks, but eventually she or he will be tagged. And that's the principle this deck is all about.

Basic idea is to get the Runner tagged. There's plenty cards to do so, from Manhunts, through Data Ravens and Gutenberg to TGTBT. Put pressure on the runner (even sacrifice a agenda point or two... or more if you have to) and wait for him to slip. And believe me - they will slip (if they won't, they probably play safe enough for you to score Astro easily).

After the first tag sticks it's your game. No more waiting. By the time you should have a Big Brother, Closed Accounts or Shoot the Moon in your hand and either one of those cards is a scoring window, Big Brother can be a game winning card. If you get to the point when they stop caring about tags, you win. Shoot the Moon out of them, Close their Accounts, Trash all those fancy Katies, Psychograph an Astro or a fat Beale. You name it. There's plenty to choose from.

It may seem there's not enough cash for all those Januses and big tarces. Believe me one more time - there is. The biggest mistake the Runner can make is not to trash PAD Campaigns, but who can afford that? Who can afford to go through Data Raven or Viper just to trash PADC? Jackson Sweeps Funds back to deck and you are good to hard-rez one Janus. And one Janus is all you need. Janus is the real deal. My favorite remote is Janus protecting TGTBT. After hitting into this friendly gentleman no one remembers to spare a click to get rid of eventual tag. Also when you Shoot the Moon for Janus it's just great - gives you a couple of turns free from Sneakdooring, R&D lock, Siphoning or a pretty nasty remote.

It is tag focused deck that manages to keep Runner under pressure, get to score agendas old fashioned remote way as well as fast advance. There's a lot of mini-combos included and you are always ready to hurt careless or hasty Runners. I called it Anti-Meta Cannon, because I haven't meet a sigle Runner ready for this deck, both mentally and deckwise. Grapefruit Moon won me most games. So far I lost only against top-tournament Runners but kept them heavily tagged or braindameged, while I was digging for a winning 2-pointer.

Crisium Grid is a left over from previous version that played Bandwidths with Sub Boost, but it plays good against Eater-Keyhole monstrosity (TMI is a solution for heavy Siphoning), so it's included in this latest build.


14 May 2015 Jashay

A Universal Connectivity Fee or two might work wonders here.

I would still say that you don't have enough money for the Janus 1.0 and big traces. PAD Campaign is oh-so-slow. I realise that Shoot the Moon is probably your main way of rezzing the bigger bits, but it might be worth finding the influence for Eliza's Toybox as a backup

15 May 2015 donmakaron

Thanks for your feedback! I thought about both Universal Connectivity Fee and Eliza's Toybox. Didn't include any of them for some reasons, still would love to have deckspace for such cards. But I'm already giving up precious stuff like third Big Brother or Traffic Accidents maybe. I'm not a big fan of self trashable ice (except Jinteki net damage traps) and Eliza's seems not very realiabe. I will try it out after a tournament check up.

As for money for Janus 1.0 (Janus 1.0 is here just because they won't let me have 4th Janus, played couple of games with Wotan too) there's enough to rez it once when you need it most. And once is all you need. This deck operates on about 8 to 18 credits mostly. I do not recolect having more than 20. I also don't mind clicking for credits. Janus can also be a hoax and power manifestation even without rezzing. After the Runner accessed it from HQ or R&D they will think twice before every run. On the other hand after you let him several times to a server without rezing ice, they often get sloppy and run unprepared. This is not a deck where you hard rez a lot of big fat ice (not before Shoot the Moon at least). This is a precise tool for patient players ;)

Janus got rezzed in almost all my games with Grapefruit Moon, half times for credits, half time with StM.