Bandwidth 0[credit]

Ice: Code Gate
Strength: 5
Influence: 1

[subroutine] Give the Runner 1 tag. If this run is successful, the Runner removes 1 tag.

"It tracks you and logs you. If you get in you can just delete the log. But first you have to get in." -Gabriel Santiago
Illustrated by Seage
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The Valley (val)

#16 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
The Valley

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Use this

Getting the tag to stick not only past the end of the run but past the end of the turn is quite difficult, unless the runner is already tagged and this is just adding to the aggregate.

(The Valley era)
As far as I can tell, this works well with Dedicated Response Team. The two effects trigger on "run is successful" and both occur on a Corp card. Thus, the corp chooses the order and can do so aggressively. —
It should not worth with DTR. DTR triggers when a successful run ends (after access), as opposed to when the run is successful. The runner loses the tag before accessing cards. —
The price tag is appealing, but I still think I'd rather play Data Raven than this. Will ponder it further. It is an interesting card. —
I would install this in front to Data Raven to stop the runner face checking it. They hit Bandwidth, get a tag, then hit Data Raven and either bounce and keep the tag or go through and get a new one. —
Running into this when using the Adjusted chronotype / Josh B combo could be pretty devastating —
And add Qianju PT to the previous post of course —
in front of checkpoint anyone? —
Good combo with [Sub Boost](/en/card/07025) if the [Universal Connectivity Fee](/en/card/06067) already went off or if you haven't had the chance to draw and install ice in an order that makes [Bandwidth](/en/card/08016) useful by itself. —
Keegan Lane is also a great additional combo for this card now that D&D has been released. —
Looking forward, I can see this being good support for Zealous Judge. My Argus deck can hardly wait! —
Honourable mentions from 2017: Mr. Stone from Terminal Directive. Removing the tag after a successful run won't matter after they take a point of meat damage. —

Bandwidth works beautifully with Keegan Lane to blow up the runner's programs out of nowhere. It will also activate Pachinko's subroutines making for a 2 server with 2 Str 4 ' End the run.' Barrier subroutines.

However this kind of set up has a big weakness - if Bandwidth is broken, bypassed or destroyed then Keegan and Pachinko don't work and the server becomes very vulnerable. Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain and New Angeles City Hall or other tag protection can also render Bandwidth kind of useless, although the same could be said of cards like Data Raven in a similar situation.

The other way you could use Bandwidth is to put it in front of a big glacier with strong unrezzed ETR Ice or a Caprice Nisei inside. However this does not seem particularly efficient.

EDIT: How to get more out of Bandwidth:

Crisium Grid - rez if they don't break the and force the runner to keep the tag! Plus Crisium Grid is a great card anyway.

Sub Boost - fixes some of the positional problems of Bandwidth - you can even have it as the 'bottom' ICE and give it End the Run. Now the runner needs to deal with a Str 5 Barrier/Code Gate (probably costing D4v1d counters).

(Democracy and Dogma era)
The Pachinko thing honestly isn't that bad. The setup is so cheap that you just slap a handy asset into the resulting server and leave it there (although the click cost to get the server setup is kind of a problem) —

Makes cards like Universal Connectivity Fee better, since Draven is fairly expensive to rez for NBN, however once UCF pops, bandwidth would essentially be doing nothing. I'm looking forward to more support, but in MN with IO its still pretty good, and with muckraker its even more fun. I like where it is going, and the splash is super nice. 3/5 for now.

(The Valley era)
It already has a bit of support in Sub Boost. it becomes a 5str code/barrier with an ETR subroutine. —
Does it work with bandwidth? —