Pretty sneaky.

xjohncandyx 82

I've been running this deck with some slight alterations since December. It is very effective.

Basic gameplan: Mulligan for some form of economy, Security Testing or Desperado are crucial. SecTest for cash using Stealth credits or targeting open Archives/Remotes. Kati Jones allows you to play the long game if you can't get ahead early. Your final rig is Corroder, Refractor, Switchblade, and 2 Cloak.

There are some open slots here. I think the weakest includes are Emergency Shutdown and Breach. ES definitely has its uses, but Breach is just a crappy Corroder. You could argue cutting out some of the 3x or even 2x as well. I see a lot of people go with 1x Kati Jones and while I don't use her every game I'm a little uncomfortable with that.

I will be experimenting with at least one Drive By in this deck, probably cutting Breach.

This deck is somewhat susceptible to Power Shutdown and net damage. Feedback Filter can replace Utopia Shard for net damage while Silencer, Cloak and Faerie should be sufficient PS shields.