Haas Bioroid - Tag and scorch

squaxor 7

This is my first every dec. I don't have all the data packs so my options are somewhat limited.

My identity is Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded. I offset my card loss by using Research Station

I gain additional clicks using Director Haas and that card is accessed using Tech Startup

I'm also trying to be aggressive by reducing the runners hand using a combo of Data Raven or Gutenberg to tag then Scorched Earth to cause net damage.

Agendas do further damage Self-Destruct Chips reduced their hand and Private Security Force and Sentinel Defense Program do further meat and brain, meat and net damage.

I use the insanely expensive ICE Heimdall 2.0 by using Bioroid Efficiency Research

As I don't have Jackson Howard I'm using Archived Memories with the idea I can dump agendas into my archive and retrieve them if my HQ ice is being breached.

Let me know what you think!

7 Jun 2015 linduxed

I'm worried about the fact that you seem to be trying to do a lot of things at the same time, instead of focusing on just one or two things. It might be easier to pull off in a 40 card deck when one normally runs 49 cards, but I still think it would get difficult.

Tagging and using Scorched Earth is tried and true, but since you're not using NBN, you'll have trouble tagging the runner reliably. Right now you only have Data Raven and Gutenberg for tagging, and I suspect that's not enough. My guess is that it'll be hard to make it work.

Overall I think that the ID offers two things:

  1. More consistency due to the significantly smaller deck size.
  2. Keeping the runner closer to flatlining at all times.

Point #1 kind of suggests some sort of rush deck, with you looking for something special that wins you the game if it comes out. In HB, point #2 probably means you should go for brain damage, somehow. Net damage might also be good, since it's often easier to land than meat damage (often requires tagging). Also, I'll be honest and say that brain damage might be tricky get to work; well played bluffs with Cerebral Overwriter are often the easiest way, and that's not easy.

Bioroid Efficiency Research with big bioroids might actually be an interesting way to approach the ID, since you're more likely to draw the cards you need. Maybe you could even rush out agendas with Awakening Center and some really big bioroids (haven't tried it, but this deck feels like it could make it work!).

If you go for more of a rush deck, then I suspect it'll be hard to use Director Haas (as much as I love that card). If you rush, you might not be able to reliably protect two servers. However, this is me just guessing without actually testing this theory. The Tech Startup combo with Director Haas is cool, so it'd be fun to try to make it work, however I feel it requires a glacier deck to make it work (lots of ICE).

Also, I don't think you'll need Research Station, preferrably you shouldn't need to hold that amount of cards anyway.

8 Jun 2015 squaxor

Wow - thanks for your great advice. The game seems quite overwhelming for a beginner. I'm going to see what I can do with my setup. Hopefully I'll have a decent deck in prep for the London Netrunners Meetup on Tuesday.