Overload! V1.0

ThisIsAzrael 211

A super fun fast draw deck with as many events as I can muster.

  • 34 Events with 11 Doubles to land those Power Naps hard in the late game.
  • Test run for your Garrote or Torch and then Eureka! them off the top next turn.
  • Added in Game Day over Quality Time to take advantage of more doubles though requires an empty hand to really be effective.
  • An early Oracle May / Hostage is key to the deck but with it you can speed through the game. Muliigan for it unless you land a sweet draw and money hand and are feeling lucky.
  • Tinkering is there to help in the early game with sneaky fast corps to surprise their lightly defended remote.
  • 2x Levy AR Labs to really support burning through your deck

  • With 11 Doubles it's possible to Power Nap for 12 Credits (6 credits a click) but going for a 6-10 Credit play is where it's really at for me and anything above 4 doubles in your Heap makes it more effective than Lucky Find and played for 0.

Would have loved to fit in a Stimhack and have thought about Femme over Garrote to save 2 Influence and help with Tollbooth but finding that dealing with ICE like Ichi 1.0, Data Ravens and wild Archers can hurt econ so much with Femme that I'm trying Garrote.

All in all I just really enjoy playing the deck despite it not really being consistent and I hope someone else out there can have a giggle with it too :)