Wu Revoir

EnderA 500

Went 1-3 in King of Subways.

Lost to Lobstermodernism Argus from a combination of things: An early Archer rez that I would've survived if I had 2 more credits, a Hard-Hitting News (recovered from over 2 turns), another Archer rez taking out 2 more programs (but I derezzed with Rubicon), another HHN (recovered from over 2 turns), and then a third HHN that finally killed me.

Lost to SSO Industries rush having to bankrupt myself to steal a game-ending City Works Project, followed by double Punitive Counterstrike.

Lost to Tennin by planting my face into a DNA Tracker (remote) and then an Anansi (covering Archives) in the same turn, trying to find a server to jack out of.

Beat Making News that tried to lock me with Aryabhata Tech + Door to Door + tracer ICE, but I made too much money too fast, farmed up TTW counters, and stole agendas. IP Block is not efficient enough to stop this: it costs me 8 to bounce, but I get 3 back immediately from Au Revoir, and if there's nothing behind it I can farm up to another 9 afterward. Meanwhile it costs the Corp 2 to rez and a click to install... leaving them with 2 clicks and the draw to counter my 4 credit net gain and their 2 credit loss. With TTW, Beth, and Cyberdelia the math becomes more skewed in my favor. Breaking an ICE for 8 credits never felt so good.

Make money with Au Revoir ASAP, bounce ice with Ankusa + Tinkering/Egret/Clone Chip. Derez with Rubicon Switch. Charge up The Turning Wheel while you get money. Draw cards with Daredevil if they double ice anything. Gain money with Cyberdelia to pay back for needing to break stuff.

Clot to stop FA (with Sacrificial Construct and Clone Chip backup.)

Feedback Filter in case of grindy Jinteki.

Brahman as universal AI breaker that combos well with Wu.