5th @Interconts [UNDEFEATED]: @Whiteblade APPROVED! ✅

Santa 954

100% @whiteblade approved!

Note: only approved for 23.08 standard ban list


1st @Interconts @maninthemoon had made the majority of the runner lists I had taken to tournament play.

However, his mixup of a runner deck this time was something I didn't want to bring with 0 games to interconts :p
- Best Meta of all Time - 1st and Undefeated @Intercontinental

I decided that I'd take something similar to what we both played @Cascadia, but made some selective updates of my own since I wanted to not be as weak to Ag, or PD remotes:
- 3x Pinhole Threading

I was at this 46 card list the night before Interconts, and was planning to cut one card, but wasn't sure. Maybe the Finality, or most likely 1x Liberated Account. I mentioned the possible cuts to @whiteblade who was staying at @maninthemoon and my place for the weekend.

He looked at the list, and said "looks good to me", so I went forward with it @whiteblade approved!


This deck went 3-0 on the day, and the Finality really did pay off in the game vs bridgeman. Very glad I kept it in :)

It has been too long since I played these games to give any real further game analysis, but here's some links if you want to review the matches.

R1 (Win): vs KyraWNY on Ag [Replay] [Streamed]
R2 (Win): vs YsengrinSC on Ob [Replay] [Streamed]
R3 (Win): vs bridgeman on PD [Replay] [Streamed]

Thanks for streaming all my runner games :)