Sunny 1.1 - Drip Econ & Zu.13/Datasucker/Multithreader

rvrchamp 1

Second attempt at a Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist deck, taking heavy influence from Praise the Sun . Played a couple games at the FLGS (go Game Empire!) tonight, and did ok. Was able to get the econ and card draw going very quickly, but in both games stalled out quickly with only 2 breakers.


  • John Masanori was great for card draw, as was Symmetrical Visage & Earthrise Hotel.
  • Career Fair worked perfectly getting out the resources, although a couple times I had 2 credit cost resources and was hesitant using it to install one.
  • I was able to get the Datasucker out quickly, and build up counters with it. Being the only virus in the deck, purging is especially taxing for the opponent.
    • Combo'ing 2 Datasuckers is going to be super efficient with Sunny's cloud breakers. A lot of ice will need just 1 token to lower it into the "optimal" strength range for her breakers.
  • Globalsec Security Clearance seemed to provide enough pressure to the corp to ice up R&D, although I wasn't able to fully capitalize on the information since I was missing one of the 3 breakers (see below)


13 Aug 2015 pleaix

No pancakes for the Globalsec Security Clearance ?

15 Aug 2015 rvrchamp

Influence is pretty tight, and with the click-less economy, losing a single click isn't such a hit.