Nobody Refuses Space Camp! v2.2

Shockeh 751

A redux of All Roads Lead To Archives, with a more Killy focus. In this environment, nobody wants to go to Archives ever. Pop-Ups feature for the credit swing, trying to ensure that you'll always have the 1cr for a Junebug if you're siphoned, which is also why they are picked over Cerebral.

There's an ongoing internal debate about whether Space Camp justifies itself, but the first time you Camp an already known Junebug into a gazillion Back Channels credits....

  • +1 Project Junebug
  • +1 Scorched Earth
  • +2 Pop-up Window
  • +3 Medical Research Fundraiser
  • +2 Chronos Project
  • −3 Hedge Fund
  • −1 Cerebral Overwriter
  • −2 House of Knives
  • −1 Komainu
  • −1 Crisium Grid
  • −1 Lockdown
26 Aug 2015 x3r0h0ur

oh god, I never thought about making an offer the runner can't refuse into archives as IG, with 3 space camps in there. you're going to make me break out IG again.

27 Aug 2015 moistloaf

the thing is, what does this wad of cash off Back Channels do for you in PE/this particular build? I would argue not much. Your entire ICE suite can be rezzed for a whopping 11 credits.

27 Aug 2015 Shockeh

@x3r0h0ur Just an FYI: that's where I started. :) Nobody will run by the way, they'll give you the one pointer, so consider either aiming to score two 5/3 (good in IG, as all that drawing means you want a low Agenda density) or splash forfeit Agenda options, because in IG, I found NOBODY takes 'The Offer'.

Unfortunately, this eventually means you don't need the Space Camps, and might as well make them Shock! just to save the 3 influence.

27 Aug 2015 Dydra

You keep talking about IG and this is a PE deck ...

27 Aug 2015 Shockeh

@Dydra Yes. Yes, we do. As noted, the concept around AOYCR into Camps was started on IG, but progressed to PE as the Space Camps just don't earn their slots vs Shock!.

27 Aug 2015 Dydra

I think An Offer You Can't Refuse will be very interesting in Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping too. Will be testing exclusively decks around that card in the next couple of weeks ... at least AGoT 2.0 hits

After that we shall see.

27 Aug 2015 Shockeh

@moistloaf raises a good point - The main issue is the gimmick doesn't actually have a use for that money. I genuinely believe there's a solid deck in there somewhere, but it just needs digging out.

27 Aug 2015 thesm17

Splash a big ice in there just to use the Back Channels credits-- Wall of Thorns maybe? Mamba? Susan?

11 Oct 2015 Iron_Soul

I like the idea of this deck. I would echo the thoughts of some here when I say splashing a high cost ice in here would be perfect, Susanoo-No-Mikoto would be my choice. Keep them away from something you value and potentially throw them back into those space camps again. Also, I would argue that this deck still needs lots of money. Paying to advance agendas/traps that haven't been mushin'd, paying for snare accesses, funding scorch, etc. Also, you could be sitting on tons of credits you can't really spend, but it would make the runner nervous; THEY don't necessarily know what's in your deck. I would say -1 Lockdown, +1 Susanoo-No-Mikoto.