TheBigBoy's Startup Zahya (1st @ Berlin Starts Noch Upper)

Watzlav 989

I went undefeated with this list in field of ten at Berlin Starts Noch Upper event.

18 May 2021 Bl4nk3t

again, congrats on going undefeated :)

this deck looks entirely solid - I notice 2 things here: 2 of each breaker type and 2 of Mutual Favor - do you think you could skimp on influence for the second corroder, and go for a third Mutual Favor? This would allow maybe a Diesel ?

Also I thought a single Legwork might replace one of the Jailbreaks - but the extra card sure is alluring....

19 May 2021 5N00P1

I was also going for 2x Breakers in Zahya, as SDS is a thing. Interesting build for sure. I'm not sure if The Maker's Eye is worth 6 inf it pays itself in Zahya, but....

25 Sep 2021 vesper

Took it, tweaked it by 2 cards for personal playstyle, won 2 out of 3 games with it. The very much green Maker's Eye in Zahya is a nasty surprise for Corps that forget that multi-access is the name of the game :-)

In general, this deck has a lot of green roundness - it's like it could be called "Zahya's Green Eyes", almost :-D