Exam Cheater

beyoken 6091

6 May 2017 kollapse

How would this fare against say Skorpios?

6 May 2017 aero

Love the PSK here. Why The Source include?

6 May 2017 yog-sothothry

I suspect that between all the B&E breakers, the sneakdoor, and the rumor mill the skorpios matchup is fine. Skorpios decks haven't really impressed me thus far, I wouldn't tend to worry too much about them, although I'm happy to be proved wrong.

7 May 2017 SHIEL

@aero The Source is defense against Fast Advance. Not sure why no Film Critic to protect it, but. It's won me games with my Geist deck.

8 May 2017 michaeln

@Rhaplanca1001 Fall Guy (x3) protects The Source.

8 May 2017 SHIEL

Oh, didn't think of that. I'm not used to using Fall Guy for its actual purpose; I think of it more as "five credits and a card for one click". :p

8 May 2017 SHIEL

I still think Film Critic is of value as an include though, because she doesn't just keep The Source alive, she also protects against things like Midseasons, Hunter Seeker, NAPD Contract, etc. She seems like she's fallen out of vogue lately but she can provide a tremendous amount of value.

29 May 2017 Ver

I agree but what would You cut to slot the Critic? One Peddler?