Insane In The Brain

BopH_DJ 1

Hey, I am pretty new to deck building, especially with the corp. I would love a bit of feed back on this. Basically my plan is to really limit the runners hand from the start then the majority of the ice upsets the players hand or makes them lose clicks.

7 Sep 2015 HolyMackerel

Welcome do deckbuilding ^^

The first thing you will want to look at is "How do I win the game?". Every deck has a plan. Butcher Shop and Argus Security aim to kill the Runner with Meat damage, while Cambridge-style decks aim to flatline with Neural EMP and Snare. Fastrobiotics aims to win before the Runner is set up, and Glacier-style aims to establish invulnerability through taxing ICE and Asset economy.

So, what is the plan with this deck? Cybernetics Division lends itself to a Brain Damage flatline, and it seems like that's the kind of thing you're going for with Self-Destruct Chips, Valley Grid and Defective Brainchips. Then we will want to look at what cards can reinforce this strategy. Viktor 2.0 is one of the nastiest Brain Damage-dealers out there, as it can dish it out when you want it the most. Like when you have Brainchips active. Ryon Knight creates an amazing "damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't" scenario with the aforemented Viktor, and is one of the more consistent ways to deal Brain Damage. Marcus Batty can be an amazing splash to generate surprise-kills with Gyri Labyrinth or Neural Katana.

Second, we ask the question "How do I make money?" Being HB, you have some efficient Operation economy in Green Level Clearance and Blue Level Clearance. You also have Adonis Campaign to generate cashflow. What you do not want to be doing is play Mental Health Clinic, which actively counteracts your gameplan. I'd highly recommend running Hedge Fund and maybe even Subliminal Messaging, as you have a deck that highly disincentivices running. Melange Mining Corp. is a good start, but you can almost never have too much Econ.

Lastly, you will want to ask yourself "How do I stop the Runner from doing broken things?" These broken things may include, but are not limited to, Parasucking all your ICE, playing Street Chess, recurring Account Siphons, Keyholing your deck away, or overpacking an Off-Campus Apartment with Fall Guys. This is the hardest part of deckbuilding, as you cannot possibly prepare for all eventualities. Cyberdex Virus Suite has become somewhat of a staple among Corps, as one in Archives saves you the trouble of giving away free Datasucker tokens. Snatch and Grab is useful for getting rid of Kati Jones and other troublesome connections. You already have Turing as a way to deal with AI abuse, so that area is covered.

All in all, I fear your deck suffers heavily from "too-many-cool-things-syndrome", as made evident by the large deck size. Look over your deck, and ask every card the question "do I want to draw this card a majority of games?". If the answer is no, cut the card. Compress your deck into an entity that can execute it's plan as effieiently and consistently as possible, and cut as many of the frills as you can.

I hope I could help ^^

7 Sep 2015 BopH_DJ

Thank you so much, I think i definitely mis read the mental health clinic card.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of cybersex virus suite.

I couldn't agree more with me trying to fit too much stuff into a deck. There's just so many options and I find myself easily distracted by a cool card and lose my focus on what I was initially trying to achieve.

7 Sep 2015 BopH_DJ

I have removed the mental health clinic and the 2 pop up windows. Adding a snatch n grab and a marcus batty

I think one of my problems is I have 13 cards which are agendas, that can't be good.

7 Sep 2015 rico_dorito

You are at 52 cards, why not go to 54 with more burst econ? Also Bifrost Agenda is there for Priority Req? Seems like good combo but will it work when you want? why not add some False Lead to help lend the Ryon Knights (run on click 2, before run successful forfeit it!)