PaintSurfer Core+6

NerdimusPrime 8

Based on Waverider Kit.

Deck idea for our current league's upcoming "beginner night", which only allows cards from core set and up to 6 data packs (big boxes count as 2 data packs). I love the Paintbrush + Surfer concept, so I decided to make a variant under those limitations.

Card sets used in construction:

  • Core
  • Creation and Control
  • Double Time
  • First Contact
  • Opening Moves
  • The Universe of Tomorrow

These decks give me the essential cards for the setup: Paintbrush, Surfer, SMC, Refractor, and Lockpick.

Notable replacements:

Everything else was chosen on a "that looks good" basis. The trickier part will be building a corp deck from the same card pool.

30 Oct 2015 NerdimusPrime

Started out wobbly, and I lost every game, but got better with each one. My last game was against Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers, where I scored 6 points before getting double Scorched out of a 20-card HQ, because I ended a turn with 3 cards in hand and 1 .

Couple things I noticed:

  • 1 Wireless Net Pavilion would have been enough.
  • Bookmark would have saved me from those game-ending Scorched Earths if I had loaded it even once prior. I could have trashed it between Scorches.
  • Even with three Lockpicks and a Cloak, I often lacked for stealth credits to fire Refractor. Either I couldn't find a second Lockpick, or I didn't have the memory for Cloak.

Playing under the limited card pool restriction for a night was an interesting twist, but I wouldn't want to do it on a regular basis. I think the idea scared off some people, because only five players showed up. One left early and one showed up late.