I Think, Therefor I Run

WayneMcPain 413

I have always struggled with runners. Corp deckbuilding is easy for me; it makes sense and I know what I like. I just could not seem to find a runner that I loved to play, that fit my style.

I think Adam may be the first runner that I truly love playing. This is the decklist that made me a believer. This is based off The Modern Prometheus decklist. It's fantastic and I hope it gets decklist of the week. I just made a few minor changes that fit my tastes a bit more. So I won't do a full write up. I'm just going to discuss some different card choices I made.

John Masanori: I picked ole Johnny over Earthrise Hotel for a few reasons. Firstly, I have always hated the tempo of Earthrise. 4 creds is a big hit. Yes, I'm running Career Fair, but sometimes you don't have both in hand and you reaaaally need cards (especially early game with Adam). Second, Adam loves to run. (Compulsive, remember?) I feel that John better suites Adam's play style. You are already running first thing every turn. Why not get cards for it? Between this and Safety First, you have plenty of draw and it's easier to set up early on. If you are really in a pinch, I threw in some Independent Thinking for some burst draw when you need those other pieces mid game.

The Maker's Eye: I chose this over the interface because being able to use Makers to satisfy ABR, especially early game, is great. You want to score an agenda as fast as possible early game. An early Maker's helps get that single agenda you need to turn on your console. Also cheaper and I like the surprise factor.

GS Shrike M2 and ZU.13 Key Master: Multithreader is awesome an I want to use it as much as possible. Therefor, boostable breakers. Also, Zu deals with Lotus when I don't have Overmind. Everything still gets mileage out of Datasucker. I just like more flexibility.

Sneakdoor Beta: Adam's HQ pressure is incredible, which means that the first thing the Corp is going to do is ice it the hell up. Being able to put the pressure back on mid game with Sneakdoor is awesome. You'll have the memory for it, trust me. SMC is mostly a second copy of this, but can be used for anything in a pinch.

The rest is about the same as the original list. Be aggressive early, score an agenda or two, then sit back and rig up for the late game.

Adam is a truly unique runner experience. He definitely has his faults, but I've never played a runner that has the same aggression and evolution over the course of the game as Adam. Also, it's hilarious to end the game with 15 Hand Size and 14 MU. Hope you enjoy!

6 Nov 2015 AsteriskCGY

At this point I don't think Career Fair is pulling its weight with your stuff mostly 2 cost? Granted Adam is broke more often than not, and with SF draw odds are one or the other is in hand at some point. Thinking modded?

12 Nov 2015 WayneMcPain

Modded has more targets, but is also 2 influence.