Independent Thinking

Independent Thinking 1[credit]

Influence: 1

Trash up to 5 of your installed cards. Draw 1 card for each card trashed (or 2 cards for each card trashed if you trashed at least 1 directive).

Adam raised the hammer. He was free.
Illustrated by Del Borovic
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Data and Destiny (dad)

#38 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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I'm struggling to find a reason to include this card in an Adam Deck.

Puncture any ice for 2 clicks +e3 to tear that hole wide open- too valuable to lose

I've got to run- oh I wanted to do that anyway +mitigated by Lovegood on the turns where I REALLY need to do something else.

2 card HQ accesses (+legwork) - too valuable to lose

I've got to trash cards - oh i wanted to do that anyway

free card draw - too valuable to lose

Tiny hand- is bad, but mitigated by brainchip

If you trash directives you start to turn Adam into a blank ID with a tiny card pool.... why are you playing him? -and you know what? this is card draw... he already has card draw included in his directives,... which this wants you to trash... thus making him worse overall....

aaaaaand.... his directives dont take up a slot in his deck.... orrrrrr cost a credit to play....

(Kala Ghoda era)
The only reason I see to play this card in Adam is as a Stimhack for Faust. It can be a decent splash in Apocolypse decks as a way of getting your face down cards into the heap though. —
Near the end of the game, knocking out Safety First along with a bunch of other cards (noting that EVERY card trashed is worth two draws if ANY card trashed was a directive) can be a significant boon. One draw per turn isn't that much if the game is only going to go for another two or three turns. This is especially true if you have brainchip and a lot of Agenda points (as you will if the game is close to ending!) —

Probably the least used card in the Adam pool of cards. Could it be used out of faction? Is it good in faction?

The short answer is no. But it can be made usable, sometime.

For Adam: Compulsive Hacker, using this card is either a desperate move or it is because the deck is build around a combo that you want out as soon as possible, or that needs A LOT of cards in hand to use, because trashing directives makes Adam a blank ID.

At one influence, it would be easy to splash out of faction. But why use it? To make it valuable, you have to be able to get 3 cards or more from it, otherwise you are better off using the influence for Deuces Wild and Build Script.

  1. It pairs well with Harbinger, since you get one draw out of each for 1.
  2. It pairs also nicely with cards that are near useless when almost spent, like Miss Bones, Flame-out, Imp.
  3. It pairs well with card that stop being useful later in the game, like Dadiana Chacon, Corporate Defector, Fencer Fueno, Aesop's Pawnshop, Security Testing.
  4. It pairs well with Wasteland, since it would give you some credits along with a draw, thus ofsetting the cost of Independent Thinking.

But where it shine the most is for deck that use Apocalypse. Especially for Anarchs. Because after using Apocalypse, the bin breakers (Paperclip, Black Orchestra and MKUltra) would stay facedown on the board. You can then use Independent Thinking to put them back in the trash, drawing a couple of cards in the process.

The art is stellar, if somewhat violent and gruesome. The quote gives us a peek at the lore of a "free bioroid". The name and effect are in sync with the art and quote. Awesome work!

(Parhelion era)