Sunny Resource Drip v0.5

cameronwlucas 21

This is my second shot at a Sunny deck.

I found myself wanting to build her deck like a Shaper, so I tried to force myself to try to build to her strengths. My first build didn't do so hot at my meetup, so I trimmed some fat and added Rabbit Hole to get the extra link up fast enough to make her console worth installing. I think for Security Nexus to really feel worthwhile I need to be up to the trace5 link strength.

Paige Piper is there to thin her 50 card deck because I found I kept getting dead draws. I added a third Modded to help jumpstart her economy and bought Breaker Bay so I could add in Career Fair to make installing resources a little less painful in the early game.

Let me know your thoughts/suggestions and I'll update once I've played a few times

19 Nov 2015 Corence

I don't think Career Fair is helping you much here. You only have two cards (Daily Casts) that you get the full value for it, and if you aren't getting the full value it's roughly on par with Easy Mark which isn't the best use of Sunny's very tight influence, imo.

It's a pretty expensive rig. 12 for your breakers, 8 for the console is rough, and the Rabbit Holes add up quickly too. I feel like if your economy cards aren't coming you'll be in trouble, and I don't think you'll have enough money where you can use Quality Time reliably. Earthrise Hotel could be used instead of Quality Time to save on influence and give you more targets for Career Fair.

Disruptor should go. It's cute, but it costs a click and a credit and you can use it to turn a trace5 into a trace0. With Sunny you're going to have at least 2 link, possibly 6 with this deck, so Disruptor might not save you credits at all if the corp wouldn't have boosted the trace. I think it's way too situational for Sunny's precious influence.

I'd consider Street Peddler for faster deck digging and economy efficiency. It's also nice since you have extra copies of each card so you won't be sad when you have to trash some of the cards.

Also consider what happens when you have your full rig setup. How do you turn that into a win? Globalsec lets you peek at R&D, but you can't lock it down since the corp can always draw more than one card on their turn. You have no real way of threatening HQ, so your hope is to snipe every agenda out of remotes, but you can't do anything against fast advance and you have no response for something like a Caprice. This is the problem I had with Sunny and I didn't come up with a solution for it -- I'd either be able to have enough economy to setup quickly, but not enough to lock out the endgame, or I'd have a great endgame but get rushed out frequently. It's tricky, but I hope you find something that works for you!

19 Nov 2015 ANRguybrush

I'd try to make room for medium or even two. Multiaccess wins games.

19 Nov 2015 cameronwlucas

Thanks for the comments! This was my first time building a deck totally from scratch so I appreciate the ideas a lot.

@Corence I had a version I played at the pub on Tuesday and found I was having a tough time getting my resources out which is why I thought of Career Fair. Earthrise Hotel would definitely make better use of the Career Fair and clear up some influence from the Quality Time.

Street Peddler is a great idea.

About her console, I keep wanting to switch it out for something else because it's so expensive to get out (which would then change many other parts of the deck), but the stubborn hipster part of me wants to find a way to make it work. I've thought about Astrolabe because it's cheap and would hopefully get some card draw, but I'm not quite ready to give up on Security Nexus yet!

@mcpba I took out R&D Interface because it always felt too expensive in the early game when I drew it. I've thought about Legwork or The Maker's Eye for the multiaccess. I'm a relative noob so forgive me if this is obvious, but is Medium a better fit than those 3 cards

19 Nov 2015 ANRguybrush

medium can dig harder than RDI or maker's eye. If all plans fail, you can potentially run R&D four times a turn and force the corp to purge.

Also, medium is pretty cheap and you have plently of MU.

19 Nov 2015 Corence

I think I'd lean to RDI over Medium in this deck since Medium likes it when you run multiple times a turn, but with Multithreader and Sunny's console she tends to run fewer times in the same turn. It's a preference though -- a Medium with several counters on it puts serious pressure on the corp.

I ended up cutting Security Nexus, but my Sunny deck also did pretty terribly and I switched back to Criminal so maybe my opinion isn't worth much. :)