Waverider 5000 (Waverider Kit Mod)

aaronrhodes 2

Based on the excellent waverider deck (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/27234/waverider-kit) by tiedyedvortex.

I built the above deck whilst I was missing some of the required data packs and found some interesting alternatives. I played it through the other day and it was absolutely fantastic.

I've dropped Refractor and swapped Cyber-Cypher in it's place- they're very similar cards but I think cypher is a little less specialist as it doesn't need the stealth credits to up it's strength.

On that basis I ditched Ghost Runner and Lockpick as the stealth credits weren't really needed, and instead added another Lucky Find, 3 Professional Contacts and Daily Casts to keep the cash flowing.

On testing this deck I was able to get together a large pile of cash quite easily so potentially a good choice over the stealth set up.

Professional Contacts also sort of replaces Symmetrical Visage and gives you the same setup but every turn rather than once per turn. It is slightly more expensive to install though.

Originally I had Omni-Drive due to a cursory glance at the memory requirements of all available programs. I did use one during my game but never actually got anything in to it as I'd already installed most things when it came out. I've ditched them for now and upped the Infiltration count, for getting a peak at those traps being dropped for you..!

The only other change I made was to drop in Monolith and Feedback Filter to give some tolerance against brain damage attacks. I haven't actually tested these last two additions yet, but I did get burned with a Cerebral Overwriter at one point. It wasn't the end of the world but I had some additional cards in the deck that weren't really needed and I thought this would be a nice to have if you can get it set up at some point during the game.

Again, this deck is based on the Waverider Kit so play is exactly the same and it's intent is no different - paint that ICE and surf it to the back!

27 Nov 2015 haywire

The Cyber-Cyphers are a cool Idea, but i would add Scavenge so you can switch them around if the Corp opens up another Scoring remote.

Monolith? Why? How? I don't even...
i recommend dropping that for Astrolabe.

27 Nov 2015 aaronrhodes

@haywire Astrolabe is already present! Monolith is a new addition that I have yet to play with to act as a defence against nasty things like Cerebral Overwriter.. It may play out and get dropped I guess.

Hmm good call on the Scavenge! I like the idea that you can Self-modifying Code all your cyphers out, burn them in rapid card drawing or hang on to them and then keep bashing them out with Scavenge.

I'll definitely play around with this more and keep updating. Thanks for the input!

28 Nov 2015 ism

@aaronrhodes but why the monoliths? If Astrolabe is already on the board, you can't throw down the monolith because you're only allowed one console. And you already have two Feedback filters anyway, so there's really no reason to include it. Scrap them both and one of your Professional Contacts for 2x Same Old Things and at least one clone chip.