The deck I didn't bring to CBI

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The people have spoken

Alright, the people have spoken and I shall obey. Here's the deck I almost brought to CBI but am very happy I didn't.

It's flashy, it's fun, it's actually surprisingly strong... and extremely flimsy.

The base idea of the deck is: what if you just use Spark of Inspiration to find your only copy of a program you put into a deck. Obviously World Tree was the main choice for target here. So if you can't use programs, what do you use? The pirate breakers of course!

With Poison Vial, the 3 copies of Kongamato and Gbahali get you through 6 ice. Together with the Boat, that should be more than enough to win the game with Basilar Synthgland 2KVJ + Deep Dive... right?

Well, not quite. You often need to contest whatever is going on in the remote and while I could do all of that for very cheap, I often ended up sitting on a pile of 25 credits without anything to spend it on and no way into servers ever again. So I experimented with Orca and Amina, but missing on the Tree actually hurt more than getting those chonky breakers for cheap did help.

After a while I tried out Nanuq and it actually was the card I was looking for. Alleviates the pressure on your limited breaking resources for a while and a good money sink in the late game. And in case your first Spark fetches it rather than a Tree, you're still set for some early interaction and flexibility.

I ended up not playing the deck in the CBI and am very happy I didn't. Against AgInfusion it is extremely hard to use Deep Dive and my first three rounds were exclusively against AgInf prison. But while this deck may not be the best meta choice at the moment, it would be a shame to not publish it and wait for better weather. Especially since I have shown many a jnet opponent large parts of my decklist already by playing single copy of Spark of Inspiration...

Here, take my decklist

16 Jan 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Loving this! Excellent work!

16 Jan 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Ps - could you find a single inf pip for a DJ Quetzal??

16 Jan 2023 lostgeek

Uh... look again? :P

It's already there, though much more often used for either Sable to double Deep Dive with Synthgland or more reliably Steve to just put up pressure with Boat.

16 Jan 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Yep…. Just totally missed that somehow!! 😂

16 Jan 2023 pspacekitten


17 Jan 2023 napalm900

Could you please explain the use of Top Hat in this deck?

18 Jan 2023 lostgeek

It's one of the few 0 cost hardware that exist in the game and the only one in-faction that doesn't bite you like Hippocampic Mechanocytes. So you just use it to fetch whatever else you need (typically Poison Vial or Endurance).