Cezve Arissana [Startup]

l0velace 233

Runners will literally put credits on a card and then ask "is anyone going to gain power counters from that" and not even wait for an answer.

2-1 at Netbrummers Startup 2nament, with the lost game lasting about 55 minutes.

All in all, this was a fun deck! Keeping the Earthrise Hotel running with Flux Capacitor until LilyPAD got up and running was very useful, and the swap from DZMZ Optimizer to T400 Memory Diamond was a good call, with the Several One Cost Programs triggering The Twinning nicely.

Running effectively 2 breaker suites, one static and one dynamic, didn't hurt too much - the continual card draw, free cash, and click compression really help, though bypass Arissana probably has a place somewhere.

I'm just happy that Daeg was a very good cat.