[SBL 21.10 Playtest] Azmari Rush

Radiant 287

This decklist was developed during SBL 21.10 testing, and is being published in the interests of transparency and to provide a more even playing field at Worlds.

This is a deck I made for SBL 21.10 playtesting to gauge how strong a rushy Azmari list was. It did quite well and won all but one of its games, but could still use some refining. The actual list I tested was on 3 Predictive Planogram and 2 Amani Senai, but I made the 1-for-1 swap before publishing because 3 Plano felt like too many and I often found myself wanting an Amani on the board for the first score. If you don't score out vs. Hivemind MaxX quickly you will absolutely lose, since Chisel+Tranquilizer make your big ice very very sad and will just Imp your high-trash assets every turn.