Got Milk? (65th World's 2020)

rngnsb 173

You’re going to need it after this spice.

Basic plan is to contest remote immediately with Cold Read/Flame-out/Stimhack and Wu’d SMC’s. Using Flame-out and Cybertrooper means early pressure doesn’t tax your engine too much. Land Apoc at the right time after they’ve committed resources to their remote, making sure you have quick access to get breakers in the trash again. You tend to get agendas at about an equal rate from remote, hq, rd, and archives.

The Win/Loss record this tournament is not representative of how powerful this deck can be. 4 losses should have been 1 or 2 losses. Titan got the right cards at the right time twice, and I massively misplayed against a late day Palana. 5/3’s Mirrormorph was a great game. Ark lock Chronos could have easily gone in their favor.

Game 1 – Win against Palana. They had a good draw with plenty of ice and money. I had to let a Nisei get scored. I made some futile runs on a double BC remote to kill the Nisei counter for a future Apoc run. They jammed the winning Obo and I went Apoc, with a fifth click archives run for the trashed Obo.

Game 2 – Win against Palana. Snagged an Obo on an hq poke. Lucked into a Nisei in rd. Kept remote pressure and grabbed the last agenda from hq later.

Game 3 – Loss against Titan. Turn 6/7 Atlas train. Not seeing Atlas = Lose.

Game 4 – Loss against titan. Infuriating. Accessed nearly every single card in hq and rd all game. With two ice on hq and rd rezzed, went for the Apoc to keep the constant accesses up. It lands and I still can’t find an agenda. I eventually have clip in the bin and see Ark on rd, next turn they ark Paperclip with sandstones on hq and rd. I made 20 runs, two of which were maker’s eye runs, none of which were on a remote (never existed), and stole ZERO agendas. There were probably four cards total I didn’t access that game, all of which were the four agendas they needed to win.

Game 5 – Win against Chronos. I assumed I was looking at an Ark lock Chronos, so kept my breakers out of the bin as much as possible (really hard with this deck). I got crazy lucky accesses of rd, guessed on an unprotected, unadvanced remote, then ate an Obo for the win. The agenda gods give and take.

Game 6 – Loss against Palana. I am still, and will probably forever beat myself up for this one. Really well played Palana, close all game. I made a few huge, game losing mistakes, including misclicks into unbreakable ice. Ended up with poor math and two credits away from the winning agenda that I could’ve easily gotten without mistakes. A win here would’ve put me in 2 for 1 range of 11 wins on the day. Sad.

Game 7 – Loss against Mirrormorph. Wicked Mirrormorph on Voting Machine Initiative and MCA. I wasn’t sure what was going on part of the game. Dumped resources into the wrong runs and trashes and was dominated. Very well played and very cool deck. Would love to play this one again.

27 Oct 2020 Diogene

This is really amazing! My version, that you commented, was nice, but your version is really competitive.

From my discussion with Xandorius, I would recommend to replace The Maker's Eye by 2x R&D Interfaces (RDI). This deck can run easily multiple times. RDI will give you more accesses overall (and is immune to Crisium Grid). The third could let you slot DreamNet or Harmony AR Therapy.

I'll try this list for sure. Apocalypse is awesome here. One last question : why not include one copy of Chameleon? This could give you redundancy in case of an Ark Lockdown and give you a cheaper option for Barrier (you save 2 creds at the cost of one click). It would also insure you have a breaker if you cannot get your hand on Aesop fast enough (because the bin breaker stay on the board, untrashed, after an Apocalypse).

Keep up with those brilliant ideas. Kabonesa has a very unique ability, but it is tough to get leverage out of it. This is a good example of a way to get excellent value from Kabonesa ID.


27 Oct 2020 rngnsb

I actually don't run very much. I like getting really hard pressure on the remote in the first few turns, retrieving the appropriate breakers, keeping them from setting up properly with Rashida's, or an early Nisei. After they've committed credits and clicks to their remote, I hopefully have enough rig and credits to land the Apoc on the turn they put the agenda in the remote.

I often use Maker's Eye for the RD run on the Apoc turn. A single RDI could be useful for after the Apoc. Dreamnet is too slow, and I don't really want to run every turn, as I want to have my credits up to get into big remotes or land Apoc.

It may be worth having a Chameleon, it could be really helpful on ice that is awkward with the conspiracy breakers, like Thimblerig for three creds. There isn't much I can really think of to change with this deck. The Diesel and Daily Casts are maybe the only replaceable cards as I'm thinking of it.

1 Nov 2020 Xandorius

I like your take on this Archetype @rngnsb! I tried some Apocalypse testing too and I see it working well here. Interesting that you approach the deck as a run rarely setup and I've been approaching it as a run 1-2 times each turn.

Chameleon with Cybertrooper Talut has turned out to be a decent money saving feature along with some resistance to Ark Lockdown.

How do you get the most value out of Cold Read? Is it primarily used for Self-modifying Code and initial breaker install costs? I could see that speeding things up since my version of the deck doesn't necessarily have a fast response to un-rezzed early ICE. Although using Chameleon and guessing barrier/codegate is a decent use for early gear check.

Do you Apocalypse more than once? Or is the 2x for consistency? I find the inclusion of Harbinger to be really valuable with Aesop's Pawnshop.

Stoked to see this Archetype being developed! I think we're on to something great!