Just Money and Breakers

daytodave 1185

This is the best deck that I could build following a single restriction: Every card must give money, itself (not as part of a combo), or break ice. It is the opposite of Just Ice and Agendas, which I'm pretty sure won a tournament or something.

"Money" is defined as giving credits, including recurring ones, or directly reducing the cost of an install or event.

Notable includes:

Career Fair: All of the moneys are resources, Criminal Modded is so good.

Professional Contacts: This is the only draw card I could think of, short of spending valuable influence on Inject. Amazing with Career Fair, though.

Crash Space: This is the only Scorched protection I'm allowed. If the meta were less Scorchy I would say YOLO and switch this out for 2x Liberated Account, because this deck needs more money.

Code Siphon: This is the only tutor that fits the bill. It can install whichever breaker you need for free or cheap if there's two ice on R&D. You should probably clear the tag.

Notable Excludes:

Magnum Opus: For the same reason I didn't go stealth, the only sources of memory allowed are Omni-Drive and The Toolbox. Omni-Drive is terrible, and The Toolbox is perhaps just a bit slow. I opted for Data Folding over Opus for the combo with Career Fair. Career Fair is so good.

Stimshop: While Personal Workshop is probably the most shapery card in the game allowed by our restrictions, there just aren't enough programs and hardware that work. I could imagine a version of this deck that uses The Toolbox with Cyberfeeder and Multithreader, changing Career Fair and Data folding to Stimshop and Kati Jones to Magnum Opus, but that version is not this deck. Also, Crash Space won't save you from double Scorched once you've used Stimhack.

26 Jan 2016 RubbishyUsername

Unless I'm missing something, but why do you even need more memory for Magnum Opus? This just seems like a Big Rig deck without Multithreader (which, especially if you're not playing Magnum Opus, would be amazing).

26 Jan 2016 daytodave

The extra memory hold up Data Folding. The rational for DF over Multithreader is that while MT gives more money in the long run, DF pays out immediately and is guaranteed every turn. Also Career Fair is easier to justify with the rest of the deck than Modded.