Sol Nashibushi - No Samurai (Swedish ANR co-lab)

Laxen 566

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What the picture doesn't say, I'll try to explain below.

I'll try to capture the entire scenario, step by step.

So, as usual during a day at work, we were discussing decks on slack (Swedish channel). People were discussing playing Surveillance Sweep with New Angeles Sol: Your News.

I came to the rescue.


me: You should play with nashibushi or w/e the shuriken ice is named

gejben: Shinobi??????

me: That's what I said.

warpstoned: Rutherford grid + shinobi

everyone: silence

gejben: lol laxen (me) - you're awesome (slightly paraphrased)

gejben: naetspringarboten (channel bot name) image me nashibushi

Naetspringarboten didn't reply.

Removed random rant while I google translated nashibushi.

me: lol, nashibushi means No Samurai. Samurai don't use shuriken, that's why it has that name.

ravnr: laxen, you are wrong, they did.

People harass me for being wrong and Wikipedia proves I was, I can humbly admit.

me: naetspringarboten image me no samurai

naetspringarboten: [picture above]

me: Apparently it needs kittens.

gejben: It's said that many samurai died cutting themselves on their shuriken.

me: 1, 2, sometimes even 3 times.

me: Damnit, now I have to build this deck.

gejben: what? which deck? I never pay attention to the topic.

me: Sol, kitten, sur sweep, nashibushi

gejben: build it and do a writeup, plz

me: ok

And here we are.

7 Mar 2016 Dr.Evil

First write-up i enjoyed.

7 Mar 2016 gejben

I want to vouch for the legitimacy of this deck by adding that I have 87.5% winrate on with it.

7 Mar 2016 kollapse

@gejben The write-up is missing the compulsory "This deck is a beast", I can't take it seriously. Is it difficult to pilot? If not, why bother?

7 Mar 2016 mcbeast

This deck changed my life! I was sad once, but now I am happy! All my worries went away, and the sun shoo-'d away the clouds in the sky! I was once a boy, but became a BEAST after using this deck! To the Swedish Netrunner-Slack Team: THANK YOU!!

7 Mar 2016 Warpstoned

I played this deck. and you won't believe what happened next!

7 Mar 2016 secondvictor

Finally someone injects a new Tier-1 archetype to this stale meta.

7 Mar 2016 thearete

Honestly, this deck is bullshit. I played against it maybe 4 times and couldn't beat it once. The cats completely threw me off. The first time we played I got tagged by that damn Hound and he scored cats for the win. Seriously, since when do the hounds help the cats? Both game 2 and 3 Shinobi killed me. The deck looks like jank but I suppose that's it's strengthg; it can come at you from any angle, damage, FA, tag punishment - much like a Samurai cat. If this gets as popular as Faust (and I have no reason to think it won't), I'm seriously quitting Netrunner. Too OP IMO.

7 Mar 2016 anr_marsellus

I am disappoint by the lack of Trolls. GJ, man!

7 Mar 2016 CeeTee2001

This deck is (cat)astrophically good! It is truly the dog's bollocks!

7 Mar 2016 Sysp

I would play this at a SC but then everyone will know about it for Regionals so I figured I'll wait until Worlds.

7 Mar 2016 D4KEN

@Laxen wtf! This concept is amazing. If i had the 2 influence i would include 2 Viper instead of the Enigma. Any ideas to make this happen?!

7 Mar 2016 anr_marsellus

I am very much looking forward until Aryabhata Tech hits the shelves. Suddenly every successful trace during runs is an additional 2 credit swing. Best thing: It stacks. I guess I should start building the deck now :)

7 Mar 2016 enk

I just threw Shinobi into my jank Sol like a week ago. I'm so ahead of the meta I'm practically in 2017. Then again, no cats. Cats are beasts!

7 Mar 2016 Laxen

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback (of any kind)! <':3

(the smiley is a samurai cat...)

I see a lot of great ideas here. Feel free to make your own modifications! And stay humble - never forget that it was the deck that won, not you.

7 Mar 2016 kollapse

"Cats are beasts", the most accurate comment on NRDB.