Designing the Rush 1.2 (10-2 in testing)

pang4 831

You want speed? We've got speed!

Is Fastrobiotics too slow for you? Have you never scored a 3/5 in your life and want to keep it that way? Is any deck without Fast Track just not worth it? Is "Glacier" a foul word in your mind? Welcome to NEXT Design. We've got you covered.

This is the most blisteringly fast deck I've ever played (apart from The Flash, but this is more consistent). An ideal game lasts 8 turns, where you score on turns 2, 4 and 6, and use Domestic Sleepers for that last point. Naturally, that's the dream scenario, but it's not unrealistic.


Advanced Concept Hopper is the real deal. It's HB's version of Oaktown Renovation, and the earlier you score it, the better. You can score one on turn 2, and you will. Every time you have it in your hand.

Otherwise, your agendas are largely blank points. Once we get access Corporate Sales Team, we will replace the Committee, and possibly even one or two Vitruvius. Never-advance is not really a thing for this deck, since everything you install in your remote is gong to be an agenda anyway...


Money, money, money. You need cash to score, and to rez your gearchecks. Your ideal turn one consists of playing an operation, and installing an agenda. I used to play Blue Level Clearance, but it wasn't cutting it for me.

Fast Track is great. Not only is it Domestic Sleepers 2-3, it also lets us find and score more stuff. I could absolutely see slotting a 3rd one if I find the space.

Biotic Labor is a safety-net, in case the runner actually gets set up. Usually, you're at 4 points at this point, so you can FA a 2/3 and then score a Sleepers for the win.


Chimera has won me more games than I can count. It's simply brutal to Criminals, and you can shut down Shapers with one and any gearcheck. It's simply the best gearcheck out there, and this deck lives and dies by it's gearchecks.

Other than that, Wraparound and Turing are anti-Faust tech, and Pop-up Window is economy, and the rest is gearchecks. I'm testing out Architect at the moment, but it may proove to be not worth the influence since it doesn't end the run. Still, it's good central-ICE.


Trust your ICE. For serious. You have ICE in your deck to stop the Runner, and it will stop them. Trust it. Wraparound stops Faust. Chimera stops anyone without SMC. And you can gearcheck out anyone who keeps fetching breakers.

Other than that, score fast and early and often. Only rez ICE you need, and save Jackson for when you start to run out of gas.

Previously, I've been running the Mandatory Media combo, but I really needed the influence for more econ, and the combo just was too inconsistent.

You have enough ICE in your deck to withstand a Parasite-assault. What you need to do is keep them off-balance and keep scoring with confidence. They will run out of Parasites before you run out of ICE.

In the future, we're interested in adding Corporate Sales Team as another amazing second-turn score, as well as Vanilla as another cheap gearcheck. When it comes out, we can finally cut Paper Wall and Wall of Static.

Thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated.

7 Mar 2016 j4

Maybe a Swordsman or two or three? Anarchs get in your remote easily with Faust + D4v1d and that's a lot more likely to be dug up early than the usual single Mimic, or setting up Datasuckers + Parasite

7 Mar 2016 pang4

Problem is, it doesn't end the run. However, it might be necessary to cut the Architects for Swordsmen if you have a bunch of Faust in your meta. Ours is mostly dominated by Shapers and Reg-Ass Anarchs. You can usually outrun them if you know the matchup. It's a lot easier for you to mulligan for your anti-faust-tech than for them to mulligan for their anti-anti-Faust tech.

7 Mar 2016 SavageOne316

So you used to run sweeps week as well and it looks like you took it out to save influence. However I'm running something based off that old list and I'm having trouble choosing what operation to play turn 1, sweeps or hedge fund? What did you do?

7 Mar 2016 pang4

If you're running Sweeps Week, always sweeps first. You need every credit, and Sweeps gets worse every turn from the first. You really need every credit you can get your hands on.

8 Mar 2016 SavageOne316

Alright, I'm still building my card pool and haven't made it to Kala Ghoda yet for the hopper so I'm worried about not having enough money to play the hedge fund later.

11 Mar 2016 SavageOne316

So why did you choose to drop the paper wall?

15 Mar 2016 Smimons

What about the NEXT ice suite? Any thoughts on using those?