Easy Mark for Days v1.1

lolpaca 1243

Just wanted to share the latest version of this, which I think's pretty close to nailing the ideal build. Logos helps you find Tech Traders and breakers faster, and the hand size helps - keep 2 trashable cards in reserve and you're effectively Scorch-proof.

R&D Interface is great in combination with Spy Camera to keep the R&D pressure strong. The third Political Operative is a flex slot that could be a Plascrete or a Siphon or something, but getting paid to trash assets and upgrades without needing to run is always nice (especially against RP). Still don't love Cerberus "Rex" H2, but it's the best of a bad bunch for now.

As a side note, I love how thematic this deck is - Geist is a gangster who makes his fortune trading in illegal tech, so this playstyle fits him pretty perfectly.

Thanks to everyone who helped me tweak this!

13 Apr 2016 AdamFitzgerald

Tried this a few times, seems strong but slow to get rolling. Have you found that? I lost a coyote of games to rush before I could establish a rig.

13 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Yeah, it's not the fastest and the first few turns are mostly setup. If they're rushing your best bet's hitting centrals to force rezzes and run down their credits, and trashing cards for draw if you have to. Cortez chips can help with remotes and Logos should help find breakers, but it's a tough matchup. You could try swapping some Spy Cams for Inside Jobs if you're seeing a lot of rush.

14 Apr 2016 Simone Suka

How bad is FA match?

14 Apr 2016 ANRguybrush

I still think Criminal decks without Account Siphon is heresy.

14 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Pretty similar, but the info you get from Spy Cam is useful. This deck kinda snowballs, so you can afford to let them score an agenda or two as long as you're setting up to lock them down later on.

It is a bit slow for both matchups in its current state though. A more rounded version might be -3 Spy Cam, -1 Pol Op, +2 Account Siphon, +2 Inside Job.

14 Apr 2016 unitled

Hey, just played MY version of your LAST version of this, and massively impressed. Only a single game, but lots of cards I'd not thought seriously about proved their worth, in particular Spy Camera and Cortez Chip.

I went with a couple of Siphons and Forger in there (because a siphon that gives you 13, a card, and only one tag is a happy siphon), swapped a few other bits and bobs around. Very sad to lose the Inside Jobs, I'd come through hell or high water to fit them back in. Will definitely give your version here a spin though; I've always liked Logos, and the extra hand size actually fits really nicely into a Geist deck.

Thanks for the list!

14 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Awesome, would you mind sharing your list? There's so many different ways to go with this, and I'm interested in trying them all until I hit on something really consistent.

As others have said, the rush/FA matchup can be problematic in this version, I guess I've got used to playing against slower decks :P

14 Apr 2016 Simone Suka

No special order? Is not good enough with spy camera?

14 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Never really missed Special Order because you have Logos, 2 of each breaker and loads of free draw. I have been tempted to try Self-modifying Code though...

14 Apr 2016 unitled

Well, it's certainly not polished yet, but...


I love Forger and Inside Job in this list too much to give them up. Forger is great meat damage protection (I've got a great story about Artist Colony and SEA Source...), can be used with Siphon, or gets you through a data raven, or you can pull off the fabled '2-card snare!' trick.

Anyway. Just tried your Logos version, Logos didn't help at all but that was mainly because the game was a 7-0 victory :P I really like it though. I would almost drop RDI too as the Spy Cameras did a ton of work!

Man, can I just restate how much Spy Camera has surprised me? It replaces itself with Geist and is a bunch of money from your Tech Traders and Writers AND can supplement your fairly meagre RnD pressure.

14 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Looks like a nice build, if you're running Forger then Security Chip is definitely worth a look - they're like Fall Guys that charge up your Technical Writers :) I wouldn't recommend going under 3 Hostages though, you need those sweet Tech Traders out as soon as you can.

15 Apr 2016 unitled

Another couple of games, another couple of wins for Spy Camera Geist. Man, this is surprising me! It really takes glacier apart, doesn't it? Targetted RnD runs and defensive upgrade destruction with Polop.

I don't know if I can squeeze in Security Chip though, I love all the influence as it is. I've updated my deck in the link above, interested to keep tracking your changes. It's a really different deck, one that I'm going to need some practice with to make it work its hardest, but I love it.

(Incidentally, am I right in thinking you're UK based? I'm sure I must know some Netrunners who know you!)

15 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Yep, Sam from Leeds! I'm not anyone famous or owt mind :) I'm at Leeds Netrunner most weeks, give us a shout if you do know me!

15 Apr 2016 unitled

Ah, that's cool! I was at uni there.

I'm up in Scotland, but I met some of the Leeds/Yorkshire folk at the Intercity tournament back in Jan (I was the TO there, Peter!). I might have to post in the Leeds Netrunner group actually, there's a team tournament up North soonish you lot might be interested in...

19 Apr 2016 unitled

Man, I totally think you've hit on something with this deck. A friend won a small GNK with it without losing a game! Getting great results online too.

I'm going to publish my version soon, I've stuck with Forger but I'm also thinking about dropping a Clone Chip to add a Film Critic and The Source to give a bit of a boost in grindy-IG matches and in FA matches.

Thanks again for sharing this, can't wait to see how it develops :)

19 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Whoah, that's awesome! To be honest I haven't even had a chance to test it all that extensively yet - I don't play online, mostly just at weekly meetups, so a lot of what I've said so far is just theorycrafting :P

I'm always torn about dropping Clone Chips - they fit the deck so nicely (I think of them as econ more than anything), but they're a big influence hit and there are lots of other things I want to try out. The Source sounds good, especially as you can tutor it with a spare Hostage.

Really cool to hear about your friend's results, I'm definitely looking to take some form of this to my next tournament once I've hit on the right mix of bits and bobs.

19 Apr 2016 unitled

If you fancy playing on Jinteki sometime, let me know (my twitter handle is @unitled). It's really easy to use, and great for quickly testing small deck tweaks!

Have you seen the card in the next pack The Bazaar? It would (if it does what I suspect it does based on the partial wording FFG spoiled) fit PERFECTLY in this deck and would be worth keeping both Clone Chips for. We'll see in the very near future!

19 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Sounds good man, I've been thinking of getting on the Jinteki train lately so I'll hit you up when I do!

It looks like Bazaar says something like "Whenever you install a piece of hardware from your grip, you may install a copy of that piece of hardware, paying all costs" - is that right? Sound like it'd fit right in here.

19 Apr 2016 unitled

I suspect it's actually "Whenever you install a piece of hardware from your grip, you may install a copy of that piece of hardware FROM YOUR HEAP, paying all costs", which is obviously brilliant for us. Means we potentially have 11 Spy Camera even before we Levy! So... fingers crossed :D

19 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Hoooly crap that would be amazing. You could also use Cortez Chips much more aggressively, and your Tech Writers would get insane very very fast. Fingers crossed indeed.

19 Apr 2016 unitled

Considering the card isn't unique, I've now decided that would basically be broken good... meaning it's likely to be 'from grip' rather than 'from heap'. Which is a shame!

19 Apr 2016 lolpaca

I dunno man, they've printed more broken stuff than that :) If it's what I thought, it almost seems underpowered - aside from the consumer-grade stuff, how often would you want/be able to install more than one copy of a hardware from your grip? Unless you're supposed to run it with Replicator... hmmm.

Guess we'll see anyway, Salsette's due pretty soon!

22 Apr 2016 ihmcallister

Been really enjoying playing a version of this, lovely deck idea and Spy Camera is absolutely nuts. I had totally underestimated it.

22 Apr 2016 lolpaca

Cheers man, feel free to share your list! I've been liking unitled's Forger & Siphon-focused approach, going heavy on the econ denial seems to work well.

And yeah, kinda hoping people don't catch on to how ridiculous Spy Cam is before I get a chance to bust this out at a tournament or two :)

23 Apr 2016 ihmcallister

This is my own version, just done some edits that are untested. Going to try out Logos next, like it for getting the Tech Trader economy going. Dropped 1 spy camera to fit it in.


26 Apr 2016 lolpaca

@unitled, Bazaar has been spoilded:


It's not bad, but you need Replicator to get the full effect out of it. Could be interesting to try a Replicator/Bazaar variant of this though - getting all your Spy Cams on the table in one click sure would be a thing.