[Eternal 21.11] Panopticon Hayley - undefeated

nbkelly 902

This is the version of hayley I've been playing off & on in eternal since the 2019 Eternal Championship.

I had most of the deck there in 2019, but there are a few cards I didn't know existed (All-nighter), and a few missing pieces of the puzzle (Pantograph, creative commission), and a few other changes (I used to run Panchatantra + Deus X as my breaker suite).

This one got through our three games of swiss undefeated, giving me an 18 point victory.

Creative commission is a great card for most of these setup decks, because you can go broke setting up (DJ Fenris, Replicator, Bazaar, Tech Trader is basically our entire economy), and recover while you draw (ie after casting Sports Hopper).

Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers is no longer as disgusting as before, so I removed Information Sifting and replaced it with Clot + the third Street Peddler.

Assets are quite good in eternal, so I think you should add Marathon - you can spend 2.5 turns setting up, "click for 25 credits and 25 cards", and then go wild contesting. Never let your opponent sneak agendas out again.

I didn't expect Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power or fast advance to be too prevalent, so I removed my copies of Sacrificial Construct. Your skorpios counterplay is to attempt to steal multiple agendas in a turn, be willing to sacrifice your Hyperdriver to SDS Drone Deployment, and attempt to create a lock. If you can stabilize the game, you can realistically khuysuk twice, levy, and khusyuk again all in the same round.

Net Shield is a good card and I wish I didn't cut it. Giles says to run Technical Writer, but I think it's too slow. It only helps you when you're already set up.