Industrial Casting

Popeye09 147

Shock! and Snare! are the best defence cards. The best thing is that you don't even need to include them in your deck for them to work!

Caprice Nisei normally goes on Archives. Valley Grid normally goes on R&D (watch out for ignorable subs like Swordsman with no AI out).

This follows the normal Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions gameplan of building your little city of assets (preferably stick a Mumba Temple first then get your copies of Hostile Infrastructure out). Punishment for running and trashing your precious trinkets comes via the method of Cerebral Cast. It also hits some of the nastiest counter cards (like Film Critic and Salsette Slums). Clone Suffrage Movement is just funny if you can make it stick to permanently threaten attacks on the Runner's brain (or recur those painfully trashed items through Interns).

I wouldn't generally use Museum of History to put singleton operations back, it's quicker to find Clone Suffrage Movement/Tech Startup and get the operation back that way.

Don't lose agendas and wait for the brain damage/Ronin/Scorched Earth kill!

(Oh yeah, I realised I had misplaced a couple of decks the day before the tournament, so those Quicksand copies would have probably been more Bastion if I had them!)

Edit: Seamus has reminded me that I haven't explained why this is a deck where Labyrinthine Servers has finally found it's place to shine. So in the agenda suite the other two kind of speak for themselves. Agendas in this deck want defensive abilities. There is no influence for Global Food Initiative, and I'm not that sold on finding the influence for it. It's a race to three agendas, and if the Runner doesn't steal a copy of The Future Perfect, it can be a race to four if you use GFI instead. However, the number of times where the Runner gets three agendas and one of them isn't TFP is small enough in my experience not to be worth three influence when there is so much more fun stuff you can be spending it on (maybe this feeling is wrong, but I think it's less frequent than a statistical counting of the agendas would have you believe since I certainly tend to leave TFP dangling in dangerous places more often than the others). So, we need another three-pointer. How about one with a defensive ability? Umm... there aren't any more. So, one with the best when scored ability then? Seriously? Well, maybe on the off chance that... No. The only thing that an agenda is going to do in this deck is get stolen. So what we are left with is choosing the three-point agenda that, when stolen, still doesn't do anything but is most likely to make the Runner stop, think: "What on Earth going on here?" and perhaps modify their behaviour ever so slightly in a mixture of fear and confusion.

Shine on, Labyrinthine Servers, shine on!

24 May 2016 PanzerD

How cool to see an IG deck with ICE?!

24 May 2016 Sanjay


22 Jun 2016 Tsgstarwars

Love this list, looking forward to trying something similar. It took me like 5 minutes to figure out what Defective Brainchips could fire off of in this deck, though. I'd almost given up and though it was a 1 influence bluff just to make people try to figure out what you're doing, until I realized that Cerebral Cast has the potential to land a brain damage... Guess this is what I get for forgetting what this card does...

SO Happy to see an IG list that isn't JUST biolock..