Stop. Think. Are you eating yourself?

limnrix 150

Apex is alien and somewhat inflexible in its play style, but this deck's intent is to be flexible and responsive to the corp as well as to the luck of the draw. Gingerbreads fill in Apex's weaknesses in dealing with tracer ice, and the gambles and laundries provide it with cash. You can also chew on installed cards with chop bot and wasteland for draw and cash. You sometimes spend frustrating turns, but are usually ready to run a rush deck if necessary. Timing the Apocalypses (and Levys) takes skill and should not be done against Butcher Shops as you don't want to lose your Heartbeat for even a turn. If you're facing IG, get those Hunting Grounds out and don't eat too much - you need to have more cards installed than the corp to survive apocalypsing with a rezzed Hostile Infrastructure. Pretty much all the in-faction cards can be used as fodder while also judging which specifically targeted icebreakers or extra memory to invest in.

I don't think 14th out of 69 is particularly high to place at a store champ, especially supported by IG, but that's how this did. 3/6.

7 Jun 2016 CowboyTintin

Looks like fun! I've been tinkering with Apex for a while, with very unimpressive results! 14th out of 69 might not be the highest for 'normal' runners, but I'd say that's not too bad for Apex.

I do have one gnawing question though. What are the Gingerbreads for? Don't see any Panchatantra or anything... Is it just to get you through ice with traces you know you wouldn't be able to beat, since Apex can get poor fast?

7 Jun 2016 Pilltechre

@CowboyTintin Personally I found that most of the ice that didnt have an ''end the run'' sub for endless hunger were tracers. Also bolsters mimic as again often you will find that sentries above 3str tend to be tracers (Assassin, Ichi, DataRaven etc) I would suspect its for that reason. Surprised theres no E3 though.

8 Jun 2016 SibleyIrresistible

Gingerbread is a great compliment to Endless Hunger, really good against a bunch of common NBN ice like Resistor. Resistor can essentially crush you for a 0 credit rez.

I do still have questions. Are you clicking for credits nonstop? Sure gamble and dirty laundry seems barely enough to afford quality time and a little rig. I'm just thinking about how many clicks for credits ichis would be for gingerbread, you'd really better off using e3 and a click.

Ghost Runner and Refractor is excellent in Apex and very light on influence. I found Chop Bot 3000 to be terrible except post Apocalypse and pre Levy AR Lab Access.

Probably cut 1 Hunting Grounds 1 gingerbread, and 1 Chop Bot 3000, for some more economy? Day Job? Or an e3 Feedback Implants and a shard?

Just my first thoughts.

9 Jun 2016 limnrix

If you have to deal with Ichis, keep a Prey so you only have to deal with it once, or wait until you're ready to Apocalypse. This uses Apex's strengths in having installed cards, rather than weakness in making money. But it's surprising how much you can make with Wasteland.