Titan Order and Chaos, What Lies Ahead, Trace Amount

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eadipus 405

get some ICE down and start getting it advanced so when you get Trick of Light you are ready to score. Project Atlas NEVER goes in the remote (if there even is one). Pop Jackson once there are two Trick of Light in the bin to put them back through again so you can keep drawing your scoring engine. Wormhole is really difficult for a lot of runners to deal with and it can read "trash a program" from one of your many sentries. Mark Yale will make you money from all of your agendas and you can use him to bluff agendas and then pop him for cash. Its possible to score Atlas from hand with 1 credit using Shipment from Kaguya and Trick of Light so remember you can score with anything that isn't no money.

21 Aug 2016 NoxArt

This seems to be a common question: why Private Security Force? I don't see any card that gives tags and as a Account Siphon, Maya etc. deterrent it doesn't seem to be worth it since you still have resource trashing... but maybe I'm missing something.

Also - how many credits does Mark Yale usually yield you in a game? Thank you