Hemo Noise V1

M3th 45

3 Apr 2014 Alsciende

Why the crescentus?

3 Apr 2014 Alsciende

Wyldside loves Aesop. What about -2 pro contact -2 crescentus +3 wyldside +3 special order?

3 Apr 2014 guinea_pig

Another use for the crescentus influence might be towards cache. It's not only a virus, but nets you 2 creds by itself (3 if you have grimoire out), and another 3 when you pawn it.

4 Apr 2014 Alsciende

Problem is, Cache won't be out before summer.

7 Apr 2014 M3th

HUmm i guess your idea could be tested Alsciende..i will try it..but sometimes i wish i had that clic that wyldside uses at the beginning of my turn. But your right that crescentus isn't usefull, it was here for a noise's deck including blackmail...Specila order might be much better. Plus i love to have that credit given by pro contact. Here the