I Surf, You Surf

Algebraic 879

An edited version of Baa Ram Wu's Surfer Quetzal deck, that he helped me tweak. Went 3-1 at Aldershot GNK beating SSO, CTM and Chronos Protocol but losing to Spark. Tried to add a bit more money with Deuces Wild and Stimhack, try be smart enough to avoid Hard-Hitting News, but the deck in general runs fairly poor.

Neutralize All Threats was an overly clever attempt to use up the free influence as Surfer makes it difficult to bounce of ICE for The Turning Wheel counters (unless you are crazy enough to surf backwards). It wasn't installed all day but I'd be willing to keep it in for the time being.

One dot of influence should be spent on Rebirth though to switch into Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist to counter asset spam. Thanks to Baa Ram Wu for helping me play such a fun Runner.