Digger T Whizzard 0.1

JammaBuilder 8

Whizzard diging deep for the win

My first anarch deck haven't really been playing long so wanted to try out a deck that digs deep in to R&D for the win or can Clear a corps hand fast. This deck is mostly me just testing a few things so any and all comments and ideas for Improvement are appreciated.

lets get stuck in

Why Whizzard: Master Gamer? not really sure I like recurring credits but this could have just as easily been noise with out to much disruption if any to my game plan.

First thing to note is I'm not using any resource cards. I've done this because I don't want to care about tags at all which is the reason for having Obelus as my console of choice fantastic ability to boost your hand size which I think makes my breaker choice better.

For breakers I've gone with 3x Faust my favourite breaker ever hence the need for Obelus obviously you can play without it but it helps you out of sticky situations. next I have all 3 GS breakers 1x of each GS Striker M1, GS Shrike M2 & GS Sherman M3 odd choice right? Well yeah maybe but I couldn't decide what to use to back up Faust so I put these in to test them out.

Programs I have a good lot of virus programs in the form of 2x Datasucker to lower the strength of ice making Faust much more efficient, 2x Medium for R&D digging, 2x Nerve Agent to help strip the corps hand of stuff I don't want to see this is backed up with 3x Imp.

The deck runs heavy on the memory side but anarch have some decent answers in faction so I'm using 2x Djinn which nicely doubles up to tutor for the virus you really want and 3x Progenitor which is just such a solid back up card for any virus deck. My final program is 3x Trope mainly in to test it out but it works well to get back programs you lost for being tagged and to grab your events back.

My hardware list kind of speaks for itself really with 2x Cyberfeeder for recurring credits lets you get your virus programs online for cheap 3x Obelus as stated above helps generate Faust fodder and recover from Fausting the corp if you don't have Datasucker running right. Last but not least good old 2x Plascrete Carapace for keeping my runner running.

To keep all this online and because of not using resource cards I'm running a big burst econ suite with 3x Day Job, 3x Sure Gamble and 3x Infiltration which nicely doubles up to expose ice in case I really care!! this is all backed up with a little randomness for fun 2x Inject for when you have everything you need but credits.

that leaves me with 2x Déjà Vu for grabbing anything binned from inject or trashed by the corp and 2x Making an Entrance cause lets face it knowledge is power.

Well that wraps it up for now please feel free to comment