Tis The Season (1st Place Eternal Games SC)

WhackedMaki 874

Note: Scorched Earth should be Best Defence.

(Sung to the tune of Deck the Halls) 'Tis Midseason, here's a lot of tags. Fa la la la la, la la la BOOM!

I've been working on Blue Sun for over a year now, and everyone who knows me knows me knows I'm a Weyland player for life. I took a variation of this to worlds going 6-3 with it there and my friend going 5-2 with it. Together with Sunny these decks took a 15 player store champ on one loss each.

R1- An odd number of players meant a bye R1, and I got it. Off to a good start. 2-0 R2- Scored out against Andy when he went to steal an agenda and ate Cobra losing his code gate breaker. Sunny barely loses to CtM who scored out behind Enigma. 3-1 R3- Smoke was put under pressure with fast scoring of agendas and ended up stealing an agenda and getting Midseason Boom'd. Sunny beat PU. 5-1 R4- Null was unable to break a Curtain Wall so I scored out 7 behind it faster than he could do anything. Sunny beat PU who drew 3 TFP and lost them really fast. 7-1

Cut to T4- R1- Blue Sun makes quick work of Smoke with easy money into Murder. R2- Sunny takes down the same CtM I lost to earlier. R3- Blue Sun loses to Geist who has all 3 tech traders on turn 1 and it came down to 1 credit on the Midseasons. R4- Sunny takes it all against RP giving me the victory.

If there are any questions about card choices feel free to ask, I'll explain why they're there.

27 Nov 2016 Tsgstarwars

I'm impressed you found room for 3 copies of BOOM! and 3x Consulting Visit...

27 Nov 2016 WhackedMaki

@TsgstarwarsThey're two of the most important cards in the deck. A full playset of each was highly prioritized.

27 Nov 2016 Ulkrond

I am very pleased you took my advice for Janus. How often did it come up?

27 Nov 2016 WhackedMaki

@Ulkrond It was relevant in one game. Janus on HQ locked it down, and then Janus on remote allowed Cobra to fire with only Mongoose as his Sentry breaker, trashing his Gordian and allowing me to lock down the game. If I had seen either one vs Geist it would have been relevant as well, but they just didn't show up.

27 Nov 2016 mohaymen

The deck looks good, im just interested in knowing why you added 2 Scarcity of resources , & snatch and grab? Also there are 9 ice out of 16 that are expensive, have you had difficulty with affording them? Also why datapike instead of enigma? Thank you for answering <3

27 Nov 2016 WhackedMaki

@mohaymenScarcity is there to counter Employee Strike purely and simply. Without Hostile you have no other good way to clear a current other than playing your own, and Scarcity is a cheap one while actually having an impact. You could run Paywall Implementation as well if you wanted. Snatch & Grab is there to deal with Film Critic as well as Kati. The ice isn't very hard to get up and running, the money comes easily enough. It's about prioritizing which server to protect with big ice, and not rezzing the wrong ones. Also, when you pick ice up and put them back down your opponent has no idea what piece of ice it is that's there, sometimes they won't run just because they don't think they can break in. Datapike over Enigma because taxing them 2 credits on a facecheck is more relevant than a click, and Datapike can never have its subs ignored. They become Mausolus once that's out though.

28 Nov 2016 mohaymen

Thank you !

29 Nov 2016 Krasty

Did you think about Best Defense ? To have a turn like Consult for Midseason, BD to Plascrete Carapace and wait for runners turn, where he (or she) will run "like Forrest" for your BOOM! in H&Q ?

How you manage with Plascrete Carapace?

29 Nov 2016 WhackedMaki

@Krasty It's actually supposed to be in there over Scorched. Missed that in updating this version, whoops.

2 Dec 2016 Exo

I am also a long time Weyland players and I have always found that Blue Sun was lacking consistency when it come to having OAI early and searching for the kill component on the top of that. 3x Consulting Visit solve everything.

Thanks for posting it, I think I will have some fun with it for quite a while.

4 Dec 2016 Hockmanm08

Great deck. Played this deck with a couple tweaks, and took down the Meeple Store Champs with it. Cut Assassin and Snatch and Grab and added in Guard and E.Mills.

6 Dec 2016 formerteen

this deck looks great! a couple questions:

1) could you comment on ideal ice placement? i'm not used to playing blue sun (or weyland at all) and i'm not quite sure which ice should end up permanently on which server.

2) do you often consulting visit for anything other than midseasons and boom? or are they just tutors for tag/kill?


6 Dec 2016 WhackedMaki

@ExoYeah, it has really helped everything run smoothly.

@Hockmanm08Glad to hear it! Film Critic didn't give you any troubles?

@formerteen It's rare that any one piece of ice has a permanant home. Bigger ice is usually on the remote and R&D, switching to HQ and R&D once the score out plan is off. Prioritizing HQ vs Siphon is good, especially as you can recoup a lot of money by picking the ice back up. Janus and Curtain Wall are good remote ice, forcing them to have breakers and money before they can get in.

Consulting is for a lot if things. Those are the two obvious ones, but getting an early OAI is huge, getting a current to turn off EStrike is big, Snatch & Grab or Best Defence can be huge tempo swings. You can even tutor for Restructure to make 3 credits in 2 clicks in a pinch. Hedge and another Consulting are the only things I haven't searched for.

8 Dec 2016 MC729

This looks great, I've looked at a few consulting sun builds but I think the 3xConsulting 3xBoom 3xHive makes this my favourite. Just wondering:

10 Dec 2016 WhackedMaki


My current changes are -2 Datapike, -1 Cobra, -1 Cyberdex Virus Suite, -2 Scarcity of Resources for +2 Mausolus, +1 Sapper, +1 Elizabeth Mills, +2 Paywall Implementation.

Sapper can fill the spot against the early medium digs of the Cyberdex while having Mills helps vs the Val nonsense going around. If you want to cut the second Cobra go ahead, but the 2 net damage can be pretty meaningful.

I would not play Scarcity early vs Crim, they're almost all on EStrike (some going up to 3 now even) and I would rather just save it for that. The 2-8 credits you may end up taxing them are not worth the downside you will take if they turn off your ability. I played it proactively at world in one of my losses, and then couldn't turn off EStrike, which was 100% why I ended up losing that game. I've switched to Paywall simply because it's a 0 cost vs 1 cost of getting it out, and it might make you a few credits. If you want to be proactive with your current I would recommend Housekeeping as it's the strongest current the corp has available to them right now.

If I wasn't worried about any connections I would probably go with either the Cyberdex or a Executive Boot Camp in my current build. Foxfire if you're expecting a ton of stealth could work, but I think I'd rather just rush them before they're set up. Crisium can do work and I've had it in Weyland for a long time, I just feel that nothing they do to you actually matters enough. Siphon is hard to land and is barely a speed bump once you're rolling and against R&D digs I'd rather just make sure they can't get in. It's a totally viable choice though. Preemptive Action is another one to consider to get your BOOM!s and other key cards back as well.