Fully Reprogrammable (Reprogrammer Revised)

ntahfs 423

Here's what I'm going to try. It's a revision of my recent Reprogrammer deck using the latest combo pieces just released.

I should be able to race through card draws once the icebreakers are installed and Chop Bot 3000, Aesop's Pawnshop, and Reaver are firing coupled with the ID ability. That should be 3-4 click-free card draws each turn. If that pulls too many cards, Scavenge can retrieve programs on demand, or Levy AR Lab Access can reset for a second or third race through the deck.

And, there is a fairly healthy recurring economy of Sahasrara, Omni-drive, Net Celebrity, and Mirror to fuel the hefty card draw engine. And, Cold Read seems to fit right in here as well.

Find the Truth and Top Hat should let you dig through R&D each run pretty efficiently with all those leftover clicks.