Technology Jam HB (5th after Swiss, Warboar SC, 23 players)

fancywookiee 84

Derived from @Maxey's BABW HB build and some pointers from @Raphaeln's decklist on tech cards.

This took me into my first ever top 8 cut thanks to being reasonably consistent all day. Unfortunately, I crashed out of double elimination after a mulligan into no ice for 3 turns on my first game and the second to a hail-mary Notoriety that I should have seen coming. Piloted by a better player I think it could do well. I had very little practice in the run-up to this event and I'm not a highly skilled player overall.

Changes I'd make: -1 NAPD Contract +1 Corporate Sales Team -1 Foxfire +1 Crisium Grid

Singleton Best Defense helped clear a few annoying cards off the board such as Same Old Thing with Val/Whizzard and SMC against Shaper.

Targeted Marketing is pretty effective and at worst is a current to clear an Employee Strike that's ruining your day.

Foxfire was only really helpful in one game to kill a Net Mercur. I didn't see any DDoS or SacCon, so I think it's utility is limited in my current meta.

Valencia is absolutely rife at the moment and I think NAPD is probably of limited utility as it's effectively a 5/2 with bad pub.

Notes from the day:

Swiss: Game 1 - Loss versus Leela: Didn't see agendas early so lots of unrezzed ice on board when trying to score out, leading to several Leela triggers when I did. Ended up both on 6 points with an installed agenda in a remote, but lost to R&D pull of the final agenda in the deck. Runner was left tagged end of turn after a Siphon, which let me kill Corroder with Best Defense.

Game 2 - Win versus Temüjin Whizzard: Was able to get set up early and managed to rush out after closing down effective Temüjin server options. Was overall a very satisfying game with just enough runner pressure to keep me on edge and always pushing me forwards.

Game 3 - Win versus PPVP Kate: My opponent was a newer player and not keen on face-checking ice without a solution. I was able to capitalise on this by Best Defense-ing an SMC and then naming that card for Targeted Marketing, which gave me a big financial boost when they were forced to fetch breakers against my gearcheck Ice. Rushed out 2 3-pointers with Biotic and then scored GFI the old-fashioned way.

Game 4 - Draw on 6 points, Game went to time. Versus Val, rebirth into Omar: Would have closed this if I'd had another turn as my opponent was broke and locked out of every server, but that's sometimes the way it goes. Opponent saw all 3 Faust hit the bin with Injects, after which I hit them with Ark Lockdown, forcing reliance on Paperclip, Black Orchestra, Mimic and Datasucker. I lost some tempo in the middle of the game which I think prevented me from closing it out earlier.

Finished Swiss in 5th with my runner deck (Miffed Val, shamelessly netdecked) going 1-0, 0-1, 1-0, 1-0. Cut didn't go my way after that, played Corp both games but was unlucky and outplayed respectively.