I'm Glad This Deck Doesn't Have Quest Completed Anymore

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This is the Leela deck that @Tugtetgut gave me and I placed 4th at Euros 2019 with. Conceptually it's the same as most current Leelas are, but having Deuces and Blueberry Diesel made it feel more streamlined and faster to set up. Not having Engolo can hurt a bit, but I think it's a trade-off worth having.

There's not much to say about the deck that hasn't been said before, maybe just mentioning the last influence. I tried out Because I Can (does wonders against Ash or difficult Argus remotes) and Whistleblower (mainly for SDS Drone Deployment, but helps against Obokatas too). The slot eventually went to the 2nd Inside Job (helps against early rush and Raven remotes out of Argus), but could be also a Hernando Cortez (the deck wins by keeping the corp poor if they go down in creds and Hernando can do a lot of work for that). I'm really not sure what the best one is and I was glad to have 2 Inside Jobs, but I had situations where having a Whistleblower or Because I Can would have helped.

What's up with the name?

As I learned during Euros this deck didn't start from Asger, so I think it's fair to mention everyone that contributed to the deck:

  • Thank you @simili / Marie for sending a list with Quest Completed to Asger that made him play Criminal. Also for the idea of running double breakers.

  • Thank you @Tugtetgut / Asger for refining the list.

  • Thank you @PaulyG / Paul for giving us the idea that a 2nd Inside Job could be highly useful (I'm still sad for having to drop Because I can for it..)

Shoutouts to:

  • Vesper, Akira and Austin for organizing the whole thing with side-events and all. Great job, things went smoothly, thank you for spending your time and energy on this community!

  • Filip for not killing me with Too Big to Fail + Punitive after I had to steal a 5 advanced City Works Project. That was really kind.

  • FFG for making City Works Project only have an effect once installed.

  • The community for traveling to Birmingham, being awesome and keeping this dead game alive.

3 Jun 2019 Saan

FFG for making City Works Project only have an effect once installed.

Boo this man! Booooooooo!

Grats on your placing =)