Stealth Dating 2.6

haywire 67

My first attempt for a Post-Rotation-Core2-BRList Smoke-Deck.

Biggest Problem was the Economy (Who would've guessed....).

7 Oct 2017 bittersweet
7 Oct 2017 haywire

I like to have the Backup-Breakers, especially in times of Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power. Besides, a single non-tutorable Resource isn't a reliable enough solution, I think.

10 Oct 2017 RvdH83

I would definitely include an AI breaker, either Dai V or Atman. Aumakua seems less great, since you're running Clot.

11 Oct 2017 haywire

Good suggestion. Dai V is the best choice there, since it's deals with Tour Guide better. I'll include it in further Iterations of the Deck.