[Startup] My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

easterncalculus 318

Heavily based off Claim's Personal Nightmare but with a slightly more straightforward gameplan.

A deck with lots of dangerous cards that runners don't want to run into. Deters multi-access win conditions like WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ and The Twinning. Some important points:

  • Always try to keep above 4 if the runner has remaining - so we can fire Snare! - even if it's not in HQ, the runner might hit one in R&D.
  • It's ok to throw cards like Nightmare Archive, ice (especially Bathynomus) and even some agendas into Archives (if we aren't going to score them), when using cards like Hansei Review or Simulation Reset
  • A face-down Bathynomus in Archives + a Nanisivik Grid on archives is a deadly combo, because we can almost always fire the Nani Grid before they access archives. Unless they have a massive handsize or cards like Stoneship Chart Room, any agendas left after that will probably finish them off.
  • Keep Snare!s in HQ, don't install them. If the runner trashes them and survives, they are an excellent target to shuffle back with Spin Doctor or Simulation Reset
  • Bladderwort is mainly an economy card- it just occasionally has a situational effect. Don't go out of your way to activate it, except maybe if it helps score out a Blood in the Water (ie putting the runner down to 2 cards or less in grip)
  • If the runner has 0 cards in their grip, scoring any agenda will flatline them! This means that at 1 cards in the grip, we can do the following:
  • If we have a Spin Doctor on the table, we can safely chuck agendas into archives in hope of drawing into a Regenesis. The runner might even ignore our archives (for fear of Nightmare Archives and Nanisivik Grid firing). Just make sure to spin those agendas away should the runner make a run on Archives, the Spin Doctor remote, or if they install Light the Fire! (it can blank our spin doctor on the very next !)