Core 2.0 Teaching League (19th)

HiddenAway 1009

This was my corp deck for @FightingWalloon's teaching league at the end of 2017. It did reasonably well at the start but faded in the latter half of the tournament.

Despite the low power level of Green Level Clearance in full play, it shines in Core only games and especially with Weyland, providing as much as Beanstalk Royalties will in any other ID plus a card draw.

Trick of Light was there to take advantage of Shipment from Kaguya helping to power ice quicker without having to slow advance ice. Tollbooth is good on centrals to minimise accesses early on.

Aim to get a double counter Atlas early on to start rushing the game before the runner gets set up. Then use the Atlas counters to grab cards as needed (preferably a 3 pointer or another Atlas if the runner is still struggling). If you can get 5 points on the board with 2 atlas tokens, use hostile takeover to finish the game off.

You could replace Trick with 2 Biotic Labors but you'd need to remove a Tollbooth at least to cover the influence.

I hope this will prove useful for newer players!