Punishing Sports

plural 138

Big thanks need to go to two folks first: @CodeMarvelous for the inspiration and the fun of watching a murdery Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home deck and to @spags for the seed of this particular list.

The next two folks to thank are @aDumbBrick and @Uruz - my Crown teammates on "Team Plural". We meant to pick a better name and ... didn't get around to it, so our team name was my handle, I guess. Sorry, fellas! I had a blast playing with you both and I'm super happy with how we did at the tournament (9th of 63 teams!!!!).

My mild contributions here were mostly to make room for 2 Slot Machine and upgrade a Fairchild 2.0 to Fairchild 3.0. The credit swings from Slot Machine worked wonders and in one game, i had 2 jackpots that scored out Global Food Initiatives for me. :D Thanks, Slot Machine! In testing, I had a much harder time landing HHNs and BOOM!s than I did landing Punitive Counterstrike.

This deck plays really fast and fun, especially if you can hide the Neural EMP and Punitive Counterstrikes from the runner. I could always tell when an RND access showed one of those two cards because the runner would say "O .... K ....". :)

The scoring plan here is mostly to not score. Get a credit lead, feed them points and then murder them. They need 4 agendas stolen to win, but you only need 1 GFI to be stolen to murder them. If you need to score, take advantage of the windows you have, because they will probably close quickly. Project Vitruvius counters could also mean the difference between a win and a loss.

I had a couple of games where I scored out, but mostly I murdered runners, often quickly. Round 1 at Crown of Lasers was against a Gnat deck. That was a flatline on Turn 3, Click 1. :) In other games, a Project Vitruvius with a token was the MVP. I murdered runners with single, double and triple Punitive Counterstrikes. Neural helped a couple of times, as well.

For Crown of Lasers, I had 1 more Guard and no Ark Lockdown. I was 4-1 in that tournament and 4-2 in the main event. I 2-for-1'd as runner, so i only played 6 games with this. The toughest matchup was against shaper & Film Critic.

12 Oct 2019 rotage

This list looks very familar to the lists I have been playing for over a year. Congrats on the result, great to see murder sports :)