Unfancy Railgun - 3rd Place, Family Time Games SC

scd 188

Finished 3rd in a small, 10-person SC at Family Time Games in Indianapolis, IN on Jan 28th, 2017.

With the assumption that I'd be facing (1) Aaron Marrón and (2) some degree of NACH still, and (3) some mixture of Faust, Eater, or Atman, I figured a Railgun with some tweaks might be fun to play. Aaron won't work to fight off a 24/7 News Cycle + BOOM! within an Accelerated Diagnostics, so this archetype seemed like a good call. I threw in 1x Hatchet Job for NACH, and 2x IP Block for the AIs.

In Swiss, I faced an Eater/Keyhole MaxX which IP Block forced them to go tag-me on, which ended as soon as I drew the Boom. I faced a Smoke, which was a turn 4 kill. And the hardest was another Smoke who I had to do a two-pile kill -- first pile Interns/Subliminal Messaging/Hatchet Job, boosting the trace by 19 credits to pop back the NACH, second pile 24/7 News Cycle/Subliminal/BOOM! for the kill. Fun game.

I'm new to this deck, but it's fun to play. I like Cerebus's Disposable HQ plan, and wish I'd had that during the cut, when I lost with this because of agenda flood. But, yeah, a strong deck and fun to play (for me, at least).

Update: Forgot to mention that Macrophage was useless on the day. I wanted something cheap-ish to rez to deal with Parasite spam and Medium digs, and I never once used it. I think I only even installed it once. Will get cut.

29 Jan 2017 Scotty Dave

Wouldn't a single pile have done the trick against Smoke? Hatchet then 24/7 then Boom?

29 Jan 2017 scd

Probably! If I recall, I figured I was exactly able to afford everything if I played two Subliminals, though later I realized that instead of boosting by 19 creds, I could have just boosted by 18. If the Runner had paid up, they'd be left with just 1 cred and unable to use NACH anyway. I'm sure there are other ways I could have pulled it off earlier or more efficiently.

30 Jan 2017 Scotty Dave

You can also do Sweeps in the second pile if you need more credits to afford the Boom. In any event, well played, it is a fun deck.

30 Jan 2017 scd

Yah, I realized that later re: the Sweeps. Silly me. I'm still learning it, had literally played one game with it before yesterday!

30 Jan 2017 d1en

Congratulations Sean!!

30 Jan 2017 scd

Thanks, man. And thanks for the deck; you somehow made a Boom deck I like playing. I never thought that'd be possible.

30 Jan 2017 Cerberus

Welcome to the D1en fan girl group ;-) Congrats on a good finish.

30 Jan 2017 scd

Thanks, Dave. Disposable HQ is a great idea!

31 Jan 2017 Fitzban

How do you want to score Breaking News when the runner got an SMC for clot?

31 Jan 2017 scd

Like with any of these Railgun decks, score the BN out before they can Clot lock you. Or, if you have to, rush one out behind a remote if you can. Or, like I did the other day, if they have an SMC up and you're ready to go with the BN, put an obvious Explode-A-Palooza behind a Quandary, let them take it (and take the money) and hope they don't have a Clone Chip ready to drop on the table (they didn't). Basically, go fast.

31 Jan 2017 Fitzban

Do you think Shipment from SanSan is a good include?

31 Jan 2017 scd

Sure, it's worth a try! But, see what Cerberus said on his deck comments; it's easier and usually a better call to make a single remote with Little Engine, put the BN behind it, and hope you don't get DDoSed or Inside Jobbed.