Disposable Railgun - winner, Gatekeeper Games SC

SneakdoorMelb 735

All credit to Dien Tran for the base of this deck and Dave Hoyland for the sick Disposable HQ tech. Disposable was a monster all day, consistently putting what I needed to the bottom - one game had about 14 points sent to the bottom of R&D for safety. The deck is extremely strong but people are starting to catch on and hate is starting to come into decks.

Undefeated all day - Andy x2, Noise, Sunny and Leela.

5 Feb 2017 Genesys

Beast deck played like a beast by a beast. You were unstoppable.

7 Feb 2017 asertus

Where do you usually install Disposable HQ?

7 Feb 2017 SneakdoorMelb

@asertus - in a remote to get the NEH draw usually. People will almost always check it in case of Sensie. You can also use it to bottom combo pieces, which can let you combo without Jackson if necessary.