W.R.A.I.T.H.0.4 (Day Job)

rezwits 56

W.R.A.I.T.H.0.4 = Write Read A.I. True Host v0.4 (Day Job)

Finally, got around to building my AI Runner, based off of Person of Interest.

The main focus of this deck is none other than Replicator. This card is a beast in this deck and mandatory for building a city wide rig (and relocations, although I haven't gotten into building a Levy AR Lab Access version Apocalypse).

You always keep a Replicator hand, or in other words mulligan to get one, unless a saucy credit hand. Construction of the rig is based on playing two Replicators in a row grabbing your 3rd copy. With your next turn installing the 3rd face down.

This works for Heartbeat, Brain Cage, Dyson Mem Chip, and ridiculously with Spy Camera. Netting face down cards and 3 Spy Cameras for a quick Brainstorm (mtg ref), and then reshuffle if playing the 4th and then 5th too.

I cannot stress how mandatory the Replicator is in this deck solely for it's shuffle ability with camera digging.

This build was based on what was learned from the previous 3 versions, basically a merge. But the real keys to making the deck Tier 2 or maybe even 1.5 is Day Job and Net Mercur, by getting rid of BlacKat for the 3 Influence needed. And just going head strong with Endless Hunger or ETR (End the Run) subroutines.

The deck FINALLY works, and works well. I beat a Weyland and HB deck, with some help with a double Agenda pull off of R&D once. The final kicker was that all the work put into getting Globalsec Security Clearance working paid off, whew. The lock is good and you burn a Spy Camera to get greedy late game!

I will be fine tuning and posting more results after store time!

30 Jan 2017 Krams

Ahh, maybe I should have checked all versions before responding - this one looks much better.

I think Day Job and Net Mercur were great additions.

Though I still not sold on Brain Cage without Faust.

30 Jan 2017 rezwits

I can see the brain cage, because I have to PING one of my face down cards anyway, and then replace with a net of 1 extra, but an 8 card hand is nice... If I have to cut soon that could be 1st on the list.