Startup Tao Leech-Atman v1.0

tzeentchling 905

I think Tao is a good option to do the Atman/Leech (ie Datasucker) build in Startup, since he can reposition ice to where you minimize the amount of Leech counters you need to spend. The strong central pressure combines well with his ability to weaken remote ice as well if needed.

That said, the deck needs more money and more draw. Overclock is decidedly not Stimhack (RIP) but still probably needed, Clot is probably wrong, Chisel might be better but also more influence, and 3 Leech is probably one too many. In a Standard deck, I might even consider Patron to add to the draw options.

It's probably weak to the Aneotic Void/Skunkworks upgrade nonsense, but most things in Startup are.